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K-Drama Magic: A Midlife Escape Unveiled through the Inspirations of Korean Dramas

K-Drama Magic: A Midlife Escape Unveiled through the Inspirations of Korean Dramas
Sunday, 21 January 2024 09:28

Embracing the K-Drama Odyssey: A Journey of 5,000 Miles, Concrete Underpasses, and Unlikely Friendships

You’re going 5,000 miles with strangers off the internet to look at concrete underpasses where fictional things happened?" This was the skeptical response I faced when unveiling my ambitious plans for a Korean drama-inspired holiday. Little did my friends know that my love affair with Korean drama, or K-drama, had become a powerful force, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures.

It all started in April 2020, amidst the first wave of the Covid lockdown. My Sydney-based brother, caught in the chaos of online lessons and soup-making from elderly vegetables, shared an intriguing tale. His wife, Sarah, had fallen under the spell of a Netflix show called "Crash Landing on You." Intrigued by his humorous take on her newfound interest, I decided to dive into the world of K-drama.

At first, it took me a couple of episodes to navigate the unique storytelling conventions, but soon, I found myself captivated. The warmth, wit, and swooningly romantic narratives provided the perfect escape from the pandemic-induced reality. While K-pop sensations like Gangnam Style and BTS may have paved their way into British consciousness, K-drama's allure remained a hidden gem.

What sets K-drama apart goes beyond the attractiveness of its actors; it's the commitment to weaving a complete story within a single series. The 16-hour-long episode format allows for total immersion in both the captivating locales and richly developed characters. Unlike Western counterparts, K-dramas don't hinge on the uncertainty of future seasons. Instead, they offer a satisfying novel-like experience with proper arcs and conclusions.

From "Romance is a Bonus Book" to "When the Camellias Bloom" and "Because This is My First Life," the titles alone exude shelf appeal intrigue. Eager to share my newfound passion, I introduced it to my local female friends' chat group. Most brushed off my eccentric obsession, but Liz, a neighbor just down the road, succumbed to the K-drama magic just as I had. With Sarah, we initiated a separate chat, indulging in daily exchanges about new drama discoveries, favorite actors, and the more outlandish plot points.

As Liz and Sarah delved into Korean language studies, I found myself exploring Korean literature and even attempting to make kimchi from my elderly vegetables. The journey from skepticism to obsession had taken me 5,000 miles, through concrete underpasses and into the heart of a vibrant K-drama community. Little did my friends know; this Korean drama-inspired escape was not just about the destination but the unlikely friendships and cultural explorations that unfolded along the way.

From Virtual Screens to Real-Life Dreams: A Middle-Aged K-Drama Squad's Epic Journey Through Korea

And then, two-and-a-half years later, armed with over 200 dramas under our belts, the time had come to turn our K-drama obsession into a tangible adventure. Liz, the architect of our escapade, unfurled a map of Korea, adorned with red pins and Post-It notes marking the significant locations from our beloved dramas. What started as a duo soon evolved into a quartet, with Liz's history-buff husband, Matthew, and my friend Diane from an online K-drama chat group eagerly joining the fray. All of us in our fifties and sixties, we embarked on this journey with the hope that our shared passion could sustain us through three weeks of travel—assisted by the non-negotiable rule of separate rooms for those not bound by marriage.

Our wishlist for locations presented to Inside Asia, our chosen travel company, was far from conventional, eschewing major temples, museums, and palaces. Yet, our advisor, Sam, miraculously made sense of it all, orchestrating a three-week extravaganza with English-speaking guides, non-English speaking drivers, bus and train tickets, and stays at eight different hotels. It was a luxurious, middle-aged spin on a backpacking adventure.

Anticipating a stark contrast between the virtual Korea on our screens and the reality awaiting us, I braced for the romanticism to be stripped away. After all, a country is not a theme park, and I was well aware of its complications and contradictions. However, as our plane descended into Seoul, we were greeted by a rose-glow sunset that instantly set a magical tone for the entire holiday. The overwhelming familiarity from our countless hours in front of the small screen made it feel like we had stepped into our very own drama. "But it's real! It's really real! Amazing," became our constant mantra.

Over three glorious weeks, the sun shone, transportation worked seamlessly, and our guides skillfully led us to the places we had so eagerly longed to see. Together, we sighed with delight in front of closed café frontages, tunnel entrances, random flights of steps, hospital lobbies, abandoned theme parks, lily pond pavilions, breakwaters, lighthouses, and more. Our nerdiest moment? Negotiating past a buzzing pharmaceutical sales conference in the off-season of a ski resort to photograph a specific wall and section of carpet in the convention center – a testament to our unbridled passion for K-drama locations.

Drama-Infused Adventures: Unveiling Korea Beyond the Screen

In our quest to traverse the K-drama landscapes, we did explore the handful of temples, museums, and palaces we deemed worthy. Yet, our journey wasn't confined to historical sites; instead, it unfolded as a kaleidoscope of experiences. We slept on the floor of a traditional hanok, wandered through bustling fish and flea markets, rode rail bikes, scaled mountains, paddled in the ocean, strolled along rice paddies, and meandered through bamboo forests. Amidst these adventures, I found myself developing a secondary obsession with bright orange-fruited persimmon trees.

Our culinary escapades mirrored our diverse travels – from savoring barbecue, bibimbap, and bulgogi to indulging in too much soju. We relished chicken and beer by the river, sipped on banana milk and devoured cup noodle ramyeon outside convenience stores. Karaoke nights at the noraebang became our spirited tradition. The pinnacle of our courage led Sarah and me to the daring "Nakedness is Mandatory" women's bathhouse, an experience that left every inch of my skin in a state of unprecedented smoothness.

Yet, beyond the breathtaking landscapes and delectable cuisine, it was the people of Korea who truly transformed our journey into a living drama. Everywhere we went, we encountered character tropes straight from the screen – a high school couple sharing secrets on the bus, office workers stealing cigarette breaks on high-rise rooftops, senior citizen hikers conquering mountain paths, and couples in matching outfits capturing autumn foliage memories. Even the delivery driver on a motorbike added an unexpected touch to our background as we navigated the alleys, making pedestrians – us! – jump out of the way.

What began as a mission to spot individual locations morphed into a realization that the entire country was an active film set, with us playing the role of enthusiastic "extras" in the background. Unfettered by jobs, domestic duties, or caring responsibilities, we reveled in our freedom, talking passionately about dramas, actors, and our own lives. We laughed boisterously, caring little about whether our journey made sense to anyone but ourselves. Our infectious excitement even earned a nod of appreciation from Matthew, fondly dubbed 'Holiday Oppa' in Korean, who remarked, 'I do like being on holiday with enthusiasts!' Our journey wasn't just a vacation; it was a vibrant, drama-filled chapter in our lives, where every moment felt like a scene from our very own K-drama.

A Memorable Finale: A Chance Encounter with K-Drama Royalty

As our Korean adventure drew to a close, three days from the trip's end, we found ourselves winding through the enchanting Yongin Daejanggeum Park. Nestled in a remote, mountainous locale 60km south of Seoul, this permanent film set serves as the backdrop for sageuk – historical Korean dramas. Open to the public, the park boasts a maze of makeshift structures representing Korea's rich history from the 6th to the 19th century.

Our exploration of the park was a delight, as we meandered through the familiar scenes from countless series filmed there. The thrill heightened as we stumbled upon restricted areas, with actors and film crew immersed in their craft. My path to the gift shop took an unexpected turn when I spotted a tall figure emerging from a large black people carrier. I froze, emitting a gasp-squeak reminiscent of encountering a black bear in Alaska. Sarah, on the other hand, was more vocal: "Rowoon! I’m your fan from Australia!" The 27-year-old K-pop idol turned male lead graciously clasped Sarah's outstretched hand, pulling her in for a hug before being ushered away by his appalled manager.

In a fitting conclusion to our journey, we reveled in the joy of this unexpected encounter. Korean dramas are known for their happy endings, and as we whooped, giggled, and exclaimed together on the journey back to Seoul, the true source of our end-of-holiday-replete grins wasn't merely the chance meeting with an impossibly handsome leading man. It was the shared experience and collective understanding of its significance that made it truly special. That camaraderie, that shared joy, was our own kind of happy ending.

As we pondered the inevitable return to reality, one lingering, very non-K-drama question remained: Would there be a season two for our unforgettable journey? Only time would tell. Polly and her friends embarked on this tailor-made tour organized by Inside Asia, a journey that encapsulated the essence of South Korea, filled with historical wonders, unexpected encounters, and the bonds forged through shared adventures.

In the end, our Korean escapade was more than just a travel itinerary or a series of picturesque locations. It became a narrative woven with the threads of friendship, laughter, and unexpected encounters. As we wrapped up our journey with the memory of meeting a K-drama idol in the rustic charm of Yongin Daejanggeum Park, it was evident that our real adventure had been in the shared moments, the inside jokes, and the unspoken understanding among our diverse group of friends.

Korean dramas are renowned for their happy endings, and in our own way, we found our joy in the bonds we formed and the stories we created together. The holiday was not just a cultural exploration or a K-drama pilgrimage; it was a chapter in our lives that unfolded with the warmth of shared enthusiasm, the thrill of unexpected discoveries, and the magic of being present in the moment.

As we scattered to our respective corners of the world, the question of a 'season two' lingered. Would there be another adventure, another journey that could match the magic of our Korean odyssey? Only time would reveal the answer, but one thing remained certain – the memories of our vibrant escapade would forever hold a special place in our hearts, serving as a testament to the transformative power of shared passion and the joy of experiencing life's adventures together.