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Setting Sail on the 'Spaghetti Ship': A Voyage into Outrageously Unconventional Cruising

Setting Sail on the 'Spaghetti Ship': A Voyage into Outrageously Unconventional Cruising
Friday, 10 November 2023 06:14

"Cruising into the Extraordinary: Unveiling the Aqua Slidecoaster and Beyond"

The realm of cruise ship design seems to be veering into uncharted waters, marked by a dash of eccentricity or perhaps a sun-induced touch of whimsy. Norwegian Cruise Line has recently announced the introduction of the Aqua Slidecoaster, touted as the world's first hybrid rollercoaster-waterslide. This three-story super-slide, reaching heights surpassing the average house, will weave its way around the ship's funnel, transforming the top deck into a vibrant spectacle of plastic toboggans. Departing from conventional reliance on gravity, the Aqua Slidecoaster employs a "magnetic lift" to turbocharge passengers through intertwined tubes, complete with transparent and open-air sections for an added adrenaline rush.

The Aqua's allure doesn't end there; it boasts additional thrills like The Drop, a ten-story "free-fall slide," and the Oceanwalk "glass bridge." The onboard Glow Court, a digital sports complex, morphs into a dance club at night. Accommodations range from modest cabins to three-bedroom duplexes with 24-hour butler service. Norwegian's audacious vision, set to debut in 2025 and targeting the family market, will be its largest offering yet, accommodating 3,571 guests at double occupancy.

However, the Aqua pales in comparison to the upcoming Icon of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship scheduled to launch in January. Carrying up to 10,000 guests and crew, Royal Caribbean's record-breaking vessel features 20 decks, seven swimming pools, a zipline, mini-golf, and a plethora of dining and entertainment options.

Gemma Outram, Cruise Business Development Manager at holiday agency Not Just Travel, affirms the staying power of these mega-ships. According to Outram, modern technology is propelling cruise lines to push the boundaries of innovation, incorporating elements like drone shows, LED screens, and unconventional amenities such as go-karts at sea. As the cruise industry embraces this era of extraordinary design, one can only anticipate what audacious offerings the future may hold.

"Sailing into Mythical Marvel: Aqua's Psychedelic Aesthetic Sets a New Cruise Standard"

In a fitting nod to its spaghetti-like, Greek mythology-inspired "hair-do," the hull of Norwegian's Aqua will be adorned with a mural, transforming it into a canvas of modern mythology. Conceived by street artist Allison Hueman, known for collaborations with global brands like Nike, L'Oreal, and Google, the design is a vibrant tapestry of abstract and figurative representations of the sea and sky, ruled by ancient goddesses. This kaleidoscopic artwork, covering nearly every layer of the ship's exterior, establishes a bold visual statement, enhancing Norwegian's "theme-park-on-sea" ambiance.

Norwegian Cruise Line, established in 1966 with a fleet of 14 ships, introduces Aqua as a precursor to the Prima Plus Class, symbolizing the future of the brand. David J. Herrera, President of Norwegian (NCL), declares Aqua's commitment to pushing boundaries in guest-first experiences, positioning it as an industry innovator and contributor to a new era of cruising. The promotional video paints a tantalizing picture of Aqua's offerings, featuring deck-edge infinity pools, glass-bottomed walkways, and neon-lit nightclubs, beckoning travelers to a realm of holiday bliss encapsulated within 156,300 gross-tons of sheer luxury.

While the concept may invite a degree of skepticism, the cruise industry is undeniably serious business. In 2020, despite the challenges of the pandemic, the sector contributed $63.4 billion globally, according to Cruise Lines International Association (Clia). Sam Ballard, MD of cruise specialist Club Voyages, predicts a continued era of expansion and innovation in cruising, with lines retiring smaller ships, introducing larger ones, and luxury and expedition offerings evolving to meet the ever-growing appetite of passengers worldwide. The stage is set for Aqua to not only cruise the seas but to redefine the very essence of a maritime holiday experience.

"Cruising into the Future: Beyond Itineraries to Onboard Extravagance"

As Norwegian Cruise Line unveils Aqua, now open for bookings and set to embark on its maiden voyage in 2025, the question looms: in the midst of design wars, do passengers prioritize a ship's itinerary or are its onboard facilities the sole focal point? Sam Ballard, MD of cruise specialist Club Voyages, navigates this terrain with a diplomatic touch, noting that the significance of itinerary versus onboard offerings depends on the market.

For guests aboard Norwegian Aqua, the allure lies in its onboard experience, likely outweighing the specific calls on its itinerary. Conversely, passengers on six-star luxury ships or expedition vessels are more inclined to base their decisions on the destination experience they seek. The era of super-cruisers has ushered in a shift where a few swimming pools and balcony suites no longer suffice. While smaller outfits continue to thrive with more modest offerings, larger cruise lines are thinking big.

The unveiling of Aqua comes on the heels of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) reporting "record" total revenue for the three months ending September 30, amounting to $2.5 billion – a 33% increase from the same period in 2019. This financial success underscores the evolving landscape of cruising, where innovative and extravagant onboard features, such as the rollercoaster-waterslide, are not mere whimsies but strategic moves driving industry momentum. As NCLH president and chief executive Harry Sommer aptly puts it, the rollercoaster-waterslide might seem like a bit of fun, but in reality, it's a shrewd move positioning the industry for sustained growth in the years to come.

"In the unfolding narrative of the cruise industry, Aqua emerges as a symbol of a paradigm shift where onboard extravagance takes center stage. As Norwegian Cruise Line charts a course into the future, the unveiling of Aqua signifies a strategic move to captivate passengers through innovative offerings. The juxtaposition of record-breaking revenues for the parent company, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, reflects the industry's resilience and adaptability.

In this era of super-cruisers, passengers are no longer swayed by mere swimming pools and balcony suites; the allure lies in grandiose onboard experiences. Sam Ballard's nuanced observation acknowledges the varied preferences across market segments, with some prioritizing destinations and others favoring the ship's amenities.

The rollercoaster-waterslide on Aqua, far from being a whimsical addition, stands as a symbol of the industry's commitment to pushing boundaries and sustaining momentum. The cruise landscape continues to evolve, and as the design wars persist, Aqua sets sail not just as a vessel but as a testament to the ever-expanding horizons of maritime indulgence. The journey into the future of cruising is not just about destinations; it's about crafting a seafaring experience that transcends expectations and elevates the allure of life on the high seas."


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