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Winter Elegance: Unveiling Beauty Tricks to Bid Farewell to Red Nose Days

Winter Elegance: Unveiling Beauty Tricks to Bid Farewell to Red Nose Days
Tuesday, 23 January 2024 11:51

Winter Beauty Mastery: Combatting Red Nose Woes and Makeup Mishaps

Have you ever gazed at those enchanting pictures of models donning fluffy winter accessories, tossing snow into the air with rosy cheeks and flawless makeup? Well, reality check – navigating the cold rarely leaves us looking picture-perfect. Runny noses, watery eyes, and cheeks resembling Aunt Sally's from Worzel Gummidge tend to be the chilly day norms. Seeking a solution to these winter beauty dilemmas, I recently sat down with renowned makeup artist Ruby Hammer for a crash course on mastering winter looks.

According to Hammer, the key to overcoming winter skincare challenges lies in effective preparation. "How you prep your skin is particularly important in winter because it tends to get dry and flaky, especially around the nose," she emphasizes. One of her top recommendations is Dermalogica Barrier Repair (£49,, a waterless moisturizer with oat and botanical actives for a calming effect.

Addressing the red nose concern, Hammer suggests a strategic approach to foundation application. Instead of a single thick layer, she advises thinly layering products for a finish with depth and resilience. For a foundation that strikes the perfect balance between coverage and weightlessness, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£45, stands out as a timeless choice. Applying a light layer, blending, and repeating on specific areas is the key.

To combat redness, Hammer recommends NYX HD Finishing Powder (£9,, particularly the mint-green shade that counteracts red tones. When it comes to eye makeup that tends to run, Hammer challenges the notion that waterproof mascara is always the answer. Instead, she suggests alternatives like curling lashes without mascara or applying it solely to the upper lashes, leaving the lower ones natural to avoid the impact of watery eyes.

In the pursuit of a flawless winter look, Hammer's expert tips offer a refreshing take on overcoming common beauty challenges, ensuring you stay radiant even in the chilliest weather.

Winter-Proof Beauty Secrets: Tubing Mascara, Blush Tricks, and Monochromatic Magic

As winter's chill settles in, renowned makeup artist Ruby Hammer unveils game-changing beauty secrets to combat common cold-weather challenges. Tackling the issue of makeup mishaps, particularly with mascara, Hammer introduces the alternative of 'tubing' mascara. Diverging from traditional formulas, these mascaras contain polymers that encase each lash like miniature socks. They uniquely require warm water for removal, offering a gentle option for sensitive skin, perfectly suited for the cold weather. Hammer's own creation, the Mascara & Brow Duo (£28,, and Sensai's Lash Volumiser 38°C (£31, have garnered praise for their steadfast formulas that endure wear.

Adapting to the distinctive removal process, users appreciate how these innovative formulas stay intact even in the face of winter's elements. Lastly, Hammer shares her wisdom on tackling rosy winter cheeks, suggesting leveraging that natural flush to one's advantage. By adding extra touches of color strategically, such as extending blush higher on the cheeks, blending on brow bones, and applying a tiny dab on the chin, one can create a harmonious look. To complete the ensemble, Hammer recommends finding a lip color in the same shade, resulting in a chic monochromatic look that effortlessly pulls everything together.

As the winter beauty playbook unfolds, embracing tubing mascara, mastering blush techniques, and diving into monochromatic elegance promise to keep you looking flawless and cohesive even as you bundle up in your hat and mittens.

In conclusion, as we navigate the winter beauty landscape, Ruby Hammer's expert tips open up a world of possibilities to combat common cold-weather makeup challenges. The introduction of 'tubing' mascara emerges as a standout solution, offering both resilience in the face of chilly elements and a gentle option for sensitive skin. Hammer's own creation, the Mascara & Brow Duo, and Sensai's Lash Volumiser 38°C have proven to be reliable allies, standing the test of wear with their innovative formulations.

Beyond mascara, Hammer's insights extend to rosy winter cheeks, transforming a natural flush into an asset. By strategically adding touches of color, from higher blush application to brow bones and a subtle dab on the chin, a harmonious look is achieved. The suggestion to find a lip color in the same shade elevates the beauty regimen to a monochromatic masterpiece.

As winter's embrace beckons the donning of hats and mittens, these beauty secrets promise to keep you looking flawless and cohesive, a testament to the power of innovation and strategic application. Embrace the season with confidence, armed with a beauty arsenal that withstands the cold and enhances your natural radiance.