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The Rise of Elegance: Unveiling the Trendy Transformation of Door Curtains into Home Must-Haves

The Rise of Elegance: Unveiling the Trendy Transformation of Door Curtains into Home Must-Haves
Friday, 19 January 2024 17:33

The Cozy Elegance of Door Curtains: A Stylish Solution to Combat the Chill

In the midst of a chilling cold snap, many homeowners find themselves searching for ways to keep the warmth within their living spaces. A notable trend gaining popularity for its simplicity and style is the use of thick curtains fitted over the inside of front doors, providing an additional layer of insulation against the cold. According to curtain company Hillarys, searches for door curtains have surged by 62%.

Professor Richard Fitton from the University of Salford's school of science has explored the impact of door curtains in the innovative Energy House 2.0 project, delving into energy use and loss. Explaining their effectiveness, he says, "Door curtains work to help with feeling warmer in two ways. Firstly, they stop infiltration of the cold air getting in and hot air leaving the house, and secondly, they insulate the door itself, preventing heat from transmitting out of the home.

Fitton emphasizes that while the energy savings might not be massive, around 0.6% of the energy bill or approximately £4 a year for a traditional two-bedroom terrace house, the savings accumulate over time. He highlights the psychological aspect, noting that homes without draughts tend to feel warmer, potentially discouraging residents from turning up the heating. Overall, door curtains are deemed a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that pays for itself over several years.

Yasamin Feehily-Ghazizadeh, an Instagram influencer documenting her period property in Cheshire (@overdale_house), attests to the benefits of a door curtain. She shares, "We have a big cast-iron radiator near the front door, but it was always cold as the heat just escaped. Now I would say it’s about three or four degrees warmer at night. We used a wool fabric from Warner House and a thick thermal lining. I also made the curtain extra long, so that no heat could escape at the bottom." Feehily-Ghazizadeh adds that, in addition to reducing draughts, the door curtain enhances the hallway's coziness.

Beyond the practical advantages, door curtains bring an instant visual appeal to entrances and doorways. Homeware designer Tori Murphy, who recently introduced a line of ready-made wool door curtains, emphasizes their role in introducing texture and interest to spaces while offering an easy way to shield undesirable views.

As winter temperatures linger, the humble door curtain emerges not only as a functional solution to combat the chill but also as a stylish addition, seamlessly blending practicality with aesthetic allure.

Elevating Home Comfort: The Multifaceted Appeal of Door Curtains in Interior Design

Designer Isabella Worsley advocates for the indispensable role of door curtains, not only for practical reasons but also as a design element that adds interest to a room. In spaces like the Walmer Castle pub in Notting Hill, which she recently redesigned, where doors are frequently opened and closed, door curtains prove essential in maintaining a cozy interior. According to Worsley, they serve as both a practical solution for cold winter months and a design feature that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Beyond functionality, there's a psychological element to door curtains that contributes to the ambiance of a home. Angus Buchanan, co-founder of interior designers Buchanan Studio, notes that door curtains instill a sense of security and privacy, creating a metaphorical feeling of hoisting up the drawbridge. When drawn, they have the power to make residents forget about the hustle and bustle of a busy street outside.

Selecting the right fabric is crucial, especially considering the location of the door. Yvonne Keal of Hillarys recommends darker-colored fabrics for front doors in busy hallways to avoid showing dirt. Thicker, hard-wearing fabrics like velvets and bouclés are suggested, with examples such as Hillarys' Darcia Velvet Emerald and La Redoute's sleek velvet offering. Isabella Worsley reassures that decorative fabrics can still be used, suggesting the addition of a robust border along the leading edge and base, with wools and leathers as viable options.

Overcoming concerns about configuration, placement, and rail choice, Yasamin Feehily-Ghazizadeh highlights that there is usually a solution to these uncertainties. For those seeking bespoke solutions, Made By the Forge, a British forging company, offers custom-made poles that can accommodate even the most awkward spaces.

In essence, door curtains emerge as versatile additions to homes, seamlessly blending practicality with aesthetic appeal. They not only contribute to insulation against the cold but also enhance the visual and psychological aspects of living spaces, creating a welcoming and secure atmosphere.

Beyond the Front Door: The Creative Versatility of Door Curtains in Home Design

Innovative interior designers are expanding the use of door curtains beyond the front door, showcasing their creative versatility in enhancing both aesthetics and functionality within homes. Interior designer Hannah Llewelyn Hughes shares her experience of working on a stone cottage, where she fitted a curtain to an internal door, not just for style but to add an extra layer of warmth and regulate the temperature within the space.

Ana Perez, owner of Spinks Nest, a holiday cottage in Norfolk, takes a unique approach by using curtains instead of doors for the bedroom. Driven by a lack of space, Perez emphasizes that curtains not only contribute instant warmth but also add a touch of color and personality to the room.

Designer Tori Murphy encourages the use of door curtains, or what she terms "soft doors," throughout the house. At home, Murphy has a curtain covering an old doorway and nook, repurposed as the children's toy cupboard. This creative solution not only helps keep the space tidy but also provides insulation against the chilly exterior wall.

The shift in perspective from traditional front-door use to various applications within homes illustrates the adaptability and charm of door curtains, proving that their impact extends far beyond mere insulation, adding warmth, style, and personality to different corners of living spaces.

In conclusion, the reimagining of door curtains as versatile design elements within homes reflects a shift towards creative and functional solutions. Interior designers and homeowners alike are exploring innovative applications beyond the conventional front-door use, leveraging door curtains to enhance warmth, regulate temperature, and infuse spaces with color and personality. From stone cottages to holiday retreats, the adaptability of door curtains emerges as a hallmark of their charm. As these soft doors find their way into various corners of living spaces, the conclusion is clear: door curtains have transcended their traditional role, becoming integral components of both practicality and aesthetic appeal in contemporary home design.


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