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Chic on the Slopes: Elevating Your Winter Style for Unparalleled Fun

Chic on the Slopes: Elevating Your Winter Style for Unparalleled Fun
Monday, 08 January 2024 16:57

Chasing the Thrill: Elevating Winter Style for the Ultimate Ski Adventure

The anticipation of a ski trip becomes a beacon of light during the dreary winter months, making Dry January more bearable when a week of snowy descents and glühwein-filled après-ski is on the horizon. The excitement doesn't just revolve around the slopes; planning your slope-side style is now a major part of the fun, especially considering the current array of interesting options in the market.

While warmth, ski-pass pockets, and glove clips remain standard requirements, skiwear has undergone a fashion makeover, blending performance with style. According to Wil Beedle, founder of the sustainability-focused skiwear brand Shoreditch Ski Club, looking good on the slopes is just as important as performance. "It’s become a new environment in which to express your own visual identity," he notes.

Perfect Moment leads the charge in recognizing this shift, with its Tricolore color-blocking making waves from Kitzbühel to Courchevel. This season, it collaborates with Boss for a retro-inspired collection. Luxury skiwear options abound with Dior, Moncler, and Bogner, though they may require a remortgage. Alternatively, renting from MyWardrobeHQ or Hurr is a viable option, with Blanqo standing out for men. OOSC offers '80s-inspired one-pieces, ensuring you won't be lost on the mountain, while Farm Rio presents a bold floral offering.

What sets the current slope-side style apart is its versatility. Skiwear is no longer confined to the mountains; it should seamlessly transition from the streets of London, New York, or Milan to the slopes. Once you have your outer layer, the possibilities are endless. Channel Princess Diana with a statement headband or embrace Audrey Hepburn's chic vibe with a knitted hat. Dior's campaign makes a compelling case for gold gloves, and YNIQ goggles get a nod from Beedle.

In essence, slope-side style has never been more liberating—it's about being authentically you. So, schwoop-schwoop for that, and embrace the thrill of expressing your unique identity against the stunning backdrop of snowy peaks.

Unleash Your Skiing Spirit: Elevate Your Adventure with Volcom Gore-Tex Ski Jacket and Black Crows All-Terrain Skiing Trousers

When it comes to conquering the slopes in style, your skiwear choices can make all the difference. Embrace the thrill of the winter adventure with the Volcom Gore-Tex ski jacket, available for rent starting at £44 from Blanqo. The cutting-edge Gore-Tex technology ensures optimal performance, keeping you warm and dry while you carve through the snowy landscapes.

Pair up your jacket with the Black Crows All-Terrain Skiing Trousers, priced at £359.95. Designed for the fearless skier who craves versatility, these trousers are engineered to tackle every terrain with ease. Whether you're navigating powder-covered slopes or making your way through challenging alpine environments, these trousers provide the comfort and flexibility you need.

Together, the Volcom Gore-Tex ski jacket and Black Crows All-Terrain Skiing Trousers create a dynamic ensemble that fuses style with functionality. It's not just about skiing; it's about making a statement on the slopes. So, gear up, hit the mountain, and let your skiing spirit soar to new heights.

Embracing the essence of adventure, the dynamic duo of Volcom Gore-Tex ski jacket and Black Crows All-Terrain Skiing Trousers promises an elevated experience on the slopes. From cutting-edge technology to fearless design, these pieces don't just offer protection from the elements—they embody the spirit of skiing itself. So, as you gear up with these essentials, you're not just dressing for the slopes; you're crafting a statement, expressing your unique style against the breathtaking backdrop of snowy peaks. It's more than skiing; it's a celebration of the thrill, style, and individuality that make every winter adventure unforgettable.


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