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Caffeine Couture: Unveiling the Rise of the 'It' Coffee Cup as the Fashionable Accessory

Caffeine Couture: Unveiling the Rise of the 'It' Coffee Cup as the Fashionable Accessory
Friday, 08 December 2023 14:52

"Caffeine Couture: The Rise of the 'It' Coffee Cup in High Fashion

In a surprising turn of events, the latest Balenciaga catwalk show in Los Angeles didn't showcase cutting-edge shoes or must-have bags; instead, the standout accessory was something you might already own. Models strutted in velour tracksuits, Ugg boots, and Balenciaga-branded coffee cups against the iconic Hollywood sign. This intentional move by Demna Gvasalia, the creative director, serves as a commentary on a trend spearheaded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The Olsen twins, known for their distinctive style, often sport black ensembles and eye-wateringly expensive handbags. Yet, their signature accessory is a takeaway coffee cup. This preference has sparked a global trend, marking the era of the 'It' coffee cup. Balenciaga, following the Olsens' lead, offers logo-adorned porcelain reusable mugs for £90, creating a new entry-level item for those seeking designer branding without the hefty price tag of an 'It' bag.

Luxury to-go cups have become a fashion statement, making spending £3.60 on a flat white seem economical compared to the extravagant alternatives. Versace offers a crystal-adorned cup for £765, and Louis Vuitton provides one with a canvas sleeve in its signature monogram print for £620. Prada's stainless steel mug, priced at £150, offers a more reasonable option. However, even the thought of a £600 Dior coffee mug prompts a reconsideration of one's caffeine habits.

For those hesitant to splurge on high-end cups, there are plenty of stylish alternatives gaining popularity. Lizzie Batchelar, a buyer at John Lewis, notes that customers are seeking new ways to accessorize, with the Stanley travel mug in rose quartz, citron, and fog becoming a key trending style. As fashion infiltrates the realm of coffee cups, it seems that carrying a stylish vessel has become the latest must-have arm candy."

"Sipping in Style: The Reusable Coffee Cup Revolution

"In the wake of the pandemic, we've witnessed a return to routines along with a conscious embrace of sustainability, which has seen a remarkable 29 percent surge in our coffee cup sales this year," shares Tim Bouscarle, co-founder of Chilly’s, a prominent reusable product brand. As winter approaches, the trend leans towards rich, darker hues to complement our seasonal wardrobes. Chilly’s best-selling colors, pine, and whale (a deep navy blue), exude a Farrow & Ball quality, adding a touch of sophistication.

For those eager to make a bold statement, Chilly’s collaborations with House of Sunny and Liberty offer unique designs. The London-based label's cult swirl Hockney print and Liberty's heritage floral designs add a fashionable flair to your morning matcha. Fellow, another notable reusable brand, attracts attention in coffee queues with its sleek, minimalist cups, signaling a serious approach to coffee consumption.

It's not just about the takeaway cups; John Lewis reports a 26 percent increase in desk mug sales, with Thermos proving to be the most popular. Coffee cups have evolved into trusted accessories for fashion influencers, effortlessly conveying a nonchalant, "I just threw this on" attitude. Stylist and influencer Monikh Dale notes that her reusable coffee cup, filled with Yorkshire tea, exudes a coveted 'I'm so busy' vibe.

The choice of beverage and where you purchase it also plays a role in earning social kudos. In LA, Hailey Bieber's Strawberry Skin Glaze smoothie, priced at £16, has become a cult drink to be photographed with. In the UK, opting for a white coffee cup from a local, small business on the days you forget your reusable cup signifies a commitment to quality beans and a preference for supporting local establishments over branded takeaways from larger chains like Pret or Costa."

"Coffee Couture: When Sipping Becomes a Fashion Statement

Elinor Block, a fashion editor with a keen eye for both runway trends and status coffee brands, sheds light on the evolving landscape of coffee culture. The distinctive pink coffee cup design from Grind has become an iconic identifier, with the brand even offering a reusable version mirroring its original takeaway cup. Block, well-versed in the nuances of both runway and coffee shop trends, discusses the prominence of coffee brands like Caravan, Workshop, and Colonna Coffee in her household, where discussions often revolve around not just the blends but also the design aesthetic.

The influence of coffee on fashion extends beyond the domestic sphere. Hollywood star Zendaya made a style statement in April, introducing the concept of 'Gails-core' as she was photographed in London with an iced beverage sporting Gail's distinctive red and white striped straw. Her ensemble, featuring Christian Louboutin boots, a suede skirt, and a cropped shearling jacket, turned the act of sipping coffee into a fashion-forward moment. It's a stark contrast to the common sight of dog-walking coats, wellies, and standard Caffè Nero cappuccinos, highlighting the growing intersection of coffee and fashion."

"In conclusion, the convergence of coffee culture and fashion is evident in the evolving trends of status coffee brands and their impact on personal style. From Grind's iconic pink coffee cup design to the emergence of 'Gails-core,' where sipping coffee becomes a fashion statement, the relationship between what we drink and what we wear is more pronounced than ever. As influencers, celebrities, and coffee enthusiasts alike embrace the aesthetic appeal of coffee cups and the brands they represent, it's clear that the coffee-to-go has become an integral accessory, elevating everyday moments into fashion-forward expressions."


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