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Nailing the Festive Look: Seven Habits for Longer, Stronger Nails Just in Time for Christmas Glam

Nailing the Festive Look: Seven Habits for Longer, Stronger Nails Just in Time for Christmas Glam
Friday, 10 November 2023 04:54

"Mastering the Art of Elegant Nails: Harriet Westmoreland's Subtle Magic at Claridge’s Spa and the Pursuit of Long-Term Nail Health"

Harriet Westmoreland, the maestro behind some of the most exquisite manicures, has not only reinvented the French manicure but has also earned her stripes as the resident nail artist at Claridge’s Spa in York. Her clientele, boasting triple-A-list names like Zendaya, is a testament to her skill. However, what truly sets Westmoreland apart is her signature style marked by one key element: restraint.

In an industry often characterized by extravagance, Westmoreland's approach is refreshingly different. Despite the allure of over-the-top designs and the temptation of nail extensions, she adheres to a philosophy centered around cultivating healthy, wealthy-looking nails. The allure of quick fixes like extensions, she notes, often results in long-term damage. Having experienced the pitfalls of relying on extensions herself, the writer sets out on a quest for a more sustainable, long-term strategy for nail health.

Enter Westmoreland's secret weapon: her signature scrub, file, and paper-thin gel manicure. In response to growing concerns over the safety of gel polish, she opts for The Gel Bottle’s BiAB (Builder in a bottle) Hema-free builder gel in Tulle, priced at £18.50. This innovative choice serves as a strengthening base, believed to prevent breakage and promote natural nail growth. While the scientific consensus on the long-term effects of Hema (hydroxyethyl methacrylate) in gel polish remains inconclusive, Westmoreland's strategic move reflects a commitment to minimizing sensitivity risks.

As a finishing touch, the writer embraces the autumnal charm of cherry mocha, an enriching berry hue that, according to Westmoreland, complements all skin tones. Beyond the salon, Westmoreland emphasizes the importance of healthy habits for maintaining impeccable nails. For at-home care, she champions the humble nail brush, a versatile tool that goes beyond cleanliness, keeping cuticles fresh and tidy.

In the pursuit of elegant nails that withstand the test of time, Harriet Westmoreland's approach transcends trends, focusing on the foundational principles of nail health. The journey to resilient, chic nails becomes a lesson in subtlety, emphasizing that true beauty lies in the careful balance between style and sustainability.

"Elevating Your Nail Care Ritual: Expert Tips for Healthy, Gorgeous Nails"

Embarking on a journey to impeccable nails goes beyond the aesthetics; it's a commitment to nurturing the health of your nails. Harriet Westmoreland, the maestro of manicures, unveils the secrets to achieving squeaky-clean, smooth nails that radiate health and sophistication.

Begin with a ritualistic sidewise brush across your cuticles, employing warm water and a hand wash infused with natural polishing beads like Aesop’s Reverence Aromatique (£31). This gentle exfoliation removes surface grime and dry cuticle skin, leaving your nails pristine. Dive beneath the nails to banish unsightly dirt, especially if you prefer neutral shades, ensuring every inch of your nails exudes cleanliness.

Dispelling the myth of "never let anyone cut your cuticles," Westmoreland emphasizes the importance of strategic trimming. While savagely removing healthy cuticles is a no-go, delicately snipping dry hangnails by a professional can make all the difference. Nail shape matters too—opt for an oval or pointy shape if you have wide, short nail beds for an illusion of length, while long nail beds shine with any shape, with square and short being particularly elegant.

When filing at home, choose a glass nail file or emery board, moving it gently in one direction to maintain the nail's integrity. Westmoreland's secret to strong, healthy nails? Regular nail oiling, but with a twist. Applying oil with a clean mascara spoolie brush (£2.99 on Amazon) facilitates proper permeation into nails and cuticles, adding an essential layer of exfoliation, especially crucial in winter.

Don't neglect your hands, the canvas for your beautiful nails. Given their constant exposure to sun damage, extend your skincare routine from face to elbows. While hand creams are perfect for on-the-go care, achieving truly sparkly hands requires going the extra mile. Westmoreland recommends Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream (£225) for that extra touch of luxury and care.

In essence, Westmoreland's approach transcends mere nail care—it's a holistic journey, blending expertise, indulgence, and health to cultivate nails that are not just beautiful but also radiantly healthy.

"Unlocking the Secrets to Resilient Nails: From Collagen Boosts to Perfect Polishes"

Collagen, the body's primary protein, serves as the silent architect behind firm skin, agile joints, and robust nails. While bone broth is a natural source, supplementing with marine collagen, scientifically proven to outperform bovine-derived alternatives, can be equally effective. Ingenious collagen capsules (£110), consumed on an empty stomach each morning, emerge as a promising option, requiring a month of consistent use for noticeable results.

According to nail virtuoso Harriet Westmoreland, choosing the right nail color is akin to finding the perfect lipstick shade—it requires a bit of trial and error, but when it clicks, it makes your hands sing. A crucial tip: if a color drains the vibrancy from your hands, it's not the one. For warmer skin tones, Westmoreland recommends nudes with a rosy undertone, such as BIAB’s Hema-free Builder Gel polish in Tulle (£22.20). Cooler tones, on the other hand, shine in pinky-nudes. Reds, a timeless choice, offer versatility from pillarbox to deep berries and vibrant orangey hues. The Gel Bottle's Glamourati collection presents options like French Kiss (£17.40), a rich cherry mocha shade perfect for the winter palette. For those favoring classic non-gel polishes, Essie’s Swing Velvet (£4.50) stands as an equally flattering choice.

Complementing the pursuit of vibrant nails, consider a holistic approach to hand and nail care. From the collagen-boosting supplements to exquisite polishes, the arsenal includes essentials like the Geoffrey Fisher Nail Brush (£20) and Augustinus Bader's The Rich Cream (from £70). For natural nails, the Manicurist Paris 100/180 emery board (£2) proves indispensable.

Ultimately, the path to resilient and beautiful nails unfolds through a blend of science-backed supplements, expert tips on color selection, and a curated selection of high-quality nail care essentials. As you embark on this journey, let the transformative power of collagen and the artistry of perfect polishes be your guide to nails that not only look fabulous but also radiate health and vitality.

"In Closing: Nurturing Your Nails to Radiant Resilience"

As we navigate the labyrinth of nail care secrets unveiled by Harriet Westmoreland, it becomes evident that achieving resilient, vibrant nails is an art form that transcends trends. From the collagen-rich supplements like Ingenious capsules (£110), scientifically proven to fortify nails from within, to the meticulous color selection advice echoing the nuances of choosing the perfect lipstick, Westmoreland guides us on a journey that celebrates both science and style.

Collagen, the silent powerhouse behind firm skin and robust nails, finds its ally in marine collagen supplementation, with Ingenious capsules offering a promising path to long-term nail health. The quest for the perfect nail color becomes a personalized exploration, where hues are not just chosen for aesthetics but for the way they make our hands sing. Westmoreland's wisdom guides us through warm nudes with rosy undertones for some and pinky-nudes for others, with timeless reds offering a spectrum from classic to vibrant.

Complementing these insights are essential tools of the trade: from the Geoffrey Fisher Nail Brush (£20) to Augustinus Bader's The Rich Cream (from £70) and the Manicurist Paris emery board (£2), each element contributes to the holistic care of both hands and nails. Whether opting for the Gel Bottle's Glamourati collection or the classic allure of Essie's Swing Velvet (£4.50), the conclusion drawn is clear—nurturing your nails into radiant resilience is an art, a science, and a personal journey.

As you embark on this transformative path, let the harmonious blend of collagen nourishment, expert color curation, and curated essentials be your compass. May your nails not only reflect the beauty of the moment but radiate health and vitality that transcends every passing trend.


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