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Morgan's Musings: Unmasking Prince Harry's Truth - A Stinging Critique from Piers Morgan

Morgan's Musings: Unmasking Prince Harry's Truth - A Stinging Critique from Piers Morgan
Sunday, 17 December 2023 08:57

Piers Morgan Responds to High Court Ruling on Prince Harry's Phone Hacking Claims

In the aftermath of a High Court ruling that implicated Mirror Group Newspapers in phone hacking against Prince Harry, Piers Morgan, the former editor of the Daily Mirror, issued a robust response through his lawyer, David Sherborne. The judgment accused Morgan of potential involvement in or awareness of illegal activities during his tenure. Here is the full statement from Piers Morgan:

Today, a judge in the high court in London has ruled on various cases, including Prince Harry’s claim against Mirror Group newspapers, where I was an editor until 2004. The judgment finds there was just one article relating to the Prince published in the Daily Mirror during my entire nine-year tenure as editor that he thinks may have involved some unlawful information-gathering. To be clear, I had then, and still have, zero knowledge of how that particular story was gathered. All his other claims against the Daily Mirror under my editorship were rejected.

With regard to the judge’s other references to me in the judgment, I also want to reiterate, as I’ve consistently said for many years now, I have never hacked a phone or asked anybody else to hack a phone, and nobody has produced any actual evidence to prove that I did. I wasn’t called as a witness – it's important for people to know this – by either side in the case. Nor was I asked to provide any statement. I would have very happily agreed to do either or both of those things had I been asked.

Nor did I have a single conversation with any of the Mirror Group lawyers throughout the entire legal process. So I wasn’t able to respond to the many false allegations that were spewed about me in court by old foes of mine with an axe to grind. Most of which, inexplicably, were not even challenged in my absence by the Mirror Group counsel.

But I know the judge appears to have believed the evidence of Omid Scobie, who lied about me in his new book and lied about me in court. And the whole world now knows him to be a deluded fantasist. And he believed the evidence of Alastair Campbell, another proven liar, who spun this country into an illegal war.

Finally, I want to say this: Prince Harry’s outrage at media intrusion into the private lives of the Royal family is only matched by his own ruthless, greedy, and hypocritical enthusiasm for doing it himself.

Piers Morgan Fires Back at Prince Harry's Critique: Unmasking Hypocrisy and Challenging Allegations

In response to Prince Harry's recent condemnation of the press, Piers Morgan didn't mince words, pointing out what he sees as glaring hypocrisy. Morgan highlighted the Duke's lucrative public ventures where he aired family grievances for substantial sums, notably during moments of grief such as the passing of his grandparents. Morgan questioned the sincerity of Prince Harry's concern about the press, asserting that few behaviors could be more appalling than profiting from public family critiques during times of loss.

Regarding the Duke's claim of championing truth, Morgan countered with a biting critique, suggesting that Prince Harry himself has been repeatedly exposed as someone disconnected from the truth. Morgan cheekily remarked about the Duke's California lifestyle, implying a certain irony in someone claiming moral high ground while enjoying the sun-soaked West Coast.

Morgan went on to challenge Prince Harry's calls for press accountability while refusing to acknowledge any responsibility for his own accusations against the Royal family. The former editor highlighted the absence of concrete evidence supporting the Duke's serious claims of racism within the monarchy.

Furthermore, Morgan asserted that Prince Harry's proclaimed mission to reform the media is a smokescreen, contending that the true agenda, shared with his wife, is to dismantle the British monarchy. Morgan concluded with a defiant stance, pledging to continue opposing these efforts. In a somewhat ironic twist, he closed his statement with a tongue-in-cheek "Merry Christmas," injecting a touch of seasonal cheer into the contentious exchange.

In conclusion, Piers Morgan's response to Prince Harry's recent remarks not only dismantles the Duke's critique of the press but also unveils what Morgan perceives as a significant discrepancy between words and actions. The pointed retort questions the Duke's credibility, emphasizing instances where he seemingly contradicts his professed values.

Morgan does not shy away from challenging Prince Harry's commitment to truth and accountability, particularly when it comes to the Duke's own public statements about the Royal family. The accusation of hypocrisy is underscored by the apparent financial gain from airing family grievances during sensitive moments.

As the exchange intensifies, Morgan dismisses the Duke's calls for media reform as a mere cover for a broader agenda: the dismantling of the British monarchy. The former editor vows to stand against these efforts, injecting a note of defiance into the discourse.

In a somewhat unexpected twist, Morgan signs off with a sardonic "Merry Christmas," perhaps adding a touch of irony or highlighting the ongoing clash as a contentious holiday greeting. The conclusion leaves the reader with a sense of the ongoing tension and a clear indication that this verbal sparring is far from over.


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