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Critiquing the Choice: No 10 Stands Firm on Dispatching Three Independent Aircraft to Cop28

Critiquing the Choice: No 10 Stands Firm on Dispatching Three Independent Aircraft to Cop28
Thursday, 30 November 2023 08:20

Downing Street has staunchly defended the UK's decision to dispatch three separate planes carrying high-profile delegates to Cop28, despite concerns that such a move might undermine the country's climate credibility. Rishi Sunak, Lord Cameron, the Foreign Secretary, and a royal representative will each make their way to the Dubai summit on distinct flights, a choice that critics argue sends unfavorable signals regarding the nation's environmental commitments.

In response to the criticism, No 10 emphasized the necessity for robust British representation at Cop28 and refuted any characterization of the government's position as "anti-flying." Downing Street outlined the specific travel arrangements, noting that the Prime Minister, accompanied by a group of journalists, will travel on a plane fueled by "sustainable aviation fuel." Meanwhile, Lord Cameron has separate travel plans, a common occurrence for a foreign secretary. The royal delegate will embark on a small chartered flight with a minimal entourage, also utilizing sustainable fuel at personal insistence.

Acknowledging the apparent incongruity of global leaders flying to address the climate crisis, Environment Minister Mark Spencer defended the move, describing it as a pragmatic and necessary step for progress. He acknowledged the hypocrisy but stressed the importance of world leaders convening at a single location to tackle the challenges effectively.

However, critics, including Wera Hobhouse, the Lib Dems’ climate and energy spokesperson, expressed dissatisfaction with the decision. Hobhouse labeled the separate jet travel for the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary as a "waste of taxpayers' cash," asserting that it conveys adverse signals about the UK's climate commitments. She urged the UK to play a leading role at Cop28 and drive the planet towards a cleaner future instead of reducing net-zero targets domestically while opting for potentially "polluting" flights abroad.

When questioned about the rationale behind sending three planes, Rishi Sunak's official spokesperson reiterated the government's approach to climate change. Emphasizing investment in future technologies and referencing a recent flight using sustainable aviation fuel, the spokesperson highlighted the Prime Minister's plane's eco-friendly fuel and the use of carbon offsetting measures. The government maintains that, rather than imposing restrictions on air travel, their strategy is centered on advancing technological solutions for sustainable aviation.

Furthermore, the spokesperson emphasized that the Prime Minister's use of conventional planes aligns with the government's stance, asserting that they are not against flying and do not intend to impose restrictions on the public. Emphasizing the importance of a robust UK presence at Cop28, the spokesperson reiterated the nation's leading role in addressing climate change on the global stage.

In contrast, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer plans to take a commercial flight to the conference, explicitly stating that he will not be using a private jet. A spokesperson for Labour outlined Sir Keir's agenda at the summit, noting that he aims to meet various leaders, including heads of government, while advocating for British interests. The focus will be on attracting jobs and investments that contribute to reducing bills, achieving energy independence, and addressing the climate crisis. The spokesperson emphasized Labour's vision for the UK to become the world's green finance capital.

Labour's strategy involves engaging with foreign investors during the conference to lay the groundwork for projects the party hopes to launch if they form the next government. The spokesperson highlighted the significant opportunities presented by the transition to net zero, emphasizing the potential for job creation, economic growth, and overall national advancement.

This development occurs in the wake of a milestone in sustainable aviation, marked by the first transatlantic flight powered entirely by sustainable aviation fuel. Virgin Atlantic operated the flight from London’s Heathrow to New York’s JFK airport using a Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Chancellor Rishi Sunak commended British businesses and institutions, including Virgin Atlantic, Rolls-Royce, Boeing, and Sheffield University, for their innovative contributions to aviation. In a video posted on LinkedIn, Sunak applauded these entities for exemplifying "blue sky thinking" and pushing the boundaries of sustainable practices in the aviation industry.

In conclusion, the decision by Downing Street to send three separate planes to Cop28 has sparked debate and criticism, with concerns raised about the potential impact on the UK's climate credentials. While defending the move, No 10 emphasized the need for a robust British presence at the summit and clarified that the government's position is not anti-flying, pointing to sustainable aviation fuel use and carbon offsetting measures.

The contrasting approaches of political leaders add another layer to the discourse, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson opting for familiar planes, while Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer chooses a commercial flight, emphasizing Labour's commitment to green finance and job creation. The broader context includes a recent milestone in sustainable aviation—a transatlantic flight powered solely by sustainable aviation fuel—celebrated by Chancellor Rishi Sunak as an example of forward-thinking innovation.

As Cop28 unfolds, the spotlight remains on the actions and commitments of global leaders, highlighting the delicate balance between the imperative for climate action and the practicalities of international collaboration. The summit serves as a platform for diverse approaches to addressing the climate crisis, from technological advancements to political advocacy, underscoring the multifaceted nature of the global effort to achieve a sustainable and climate-resilient future.


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