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Royal Resolution: Duke of York Reaches Settlement with Millionairess in Intricate Legal Dispute

Royal Resolution: Duke of York Reaches Settlement with Millionairess in Intricate Legal Dispute
Saturday, 25 November 2023 11:24

"Royal Settlement Secured: Duke of York Resolves Confidential Deal with Turkish Millionairess Amidst Financial Controversy

In a revelation by The Telegraph, the Duke of York has finalized a confidential settlement with Turkish millionairess Nebahat Evyap Isbilen after allegations surfaced of substantial sums being received by Prince Andrew and his family. The Yorks, including Prince Andrew, the Duchess of York, and their daughters, reportedly accepted payments totaling £1.4 million from Selman Turk, a former Goldman Sachs banker accused of orchestrating a £40 million fraud against Mrs. Isbilen.

The intricate legal entanglement emerged as Mrs. Isbilen pursued legal action against Mr. Turk and various offshore companies in connection with the missing funds, leading to contempt proceedings over an alleged breach of a court order. On Tuesday, the High Court revealed that the Duke and Duchess had reached a settlement with Mrs. Isbilen, the terms of which were not disclosed. While the details remain confidential, it is speculated that any financial transfer could be construed as a form of repayment for the significant funds that found their way into the Yorks' bank accounts, predominantly through a UK-based company named Alphabet Capital.

During the proceedings, Mr. Turk contested the agreed statement of fact, signed by all parties, asserting that it was self-serving and potentially part of a quid pro quo arrangement for settling Mrs. Isbilen's claim against the Yorks and others. James Counsell KC, representing Mr. Turk in the contempt case, emphasized that his client had no knowledge of the negotiations leading to the settlement and was not given an opportunity to cross-examine the involved parties.

The legal saga originated when Mrs. Isbilen enlisted Mr. Turk's services to transfer her assets out of Turkey, where her husband, a prominent MP, is incarcerated. Allegedly, Mr. Turk misled her into making a payment of £750,000 to Prince Andrew, claiming the Duke had facilitated securing her a passport. The timing of the transaction, just nine days after Mr. Turk's Pitch@Palace award ceremony at St James’s Palace, raised questions, although he maintained it was a gift for the Duke's daughter's wedding and unrelated to his victory.

The intricacies of this legal affair underscore the complex intersection of financial transactions, royal connections, and legal disputes, leaving the specifics of the settlement shrouded in confidentiality."

"The Enigma of Payments: Prince Andrew's Repayment, Mysterious Transactions, and Allegations of Schemes Unfold in Legal Proceedings

In a perplexing turn of events, Prince Andrew repaid a sum in March 2021 after receiving communication from Nebahat Evyap Isbilen's solicitors regarding his dealings with Selman Turk. However, the Duke offered no explanation for the purpose of the payment. The intricacies of this financial web extend to a series of additional payments made to Prince Andrew and his family through Alphabet Capital, a company owned by businessman Adrian Gleave.

The court revealed that Alphabet Capital, a signatory on the agreed statement of fact involving the Yorks and Mrs. Isbilen, facilitated unexplained payments, including instalments totaling £350,000 to the Duke, £225,000 to the Duchess, and £25,000 to Princess Eugenie. Notably, payments to the Duchess commenced in August 2019, three months before the Pitch@Palace event, supposedly linked to her role as a brand ambassador for Pegasus Group Holdings, a solar power firm seemingly unrelated to Mr. Turk.

Mr. Turk's explanation for the payments to the Duchess raised eyebrows, as he claimed she was due to receive £25,000 monthly for 12 months, intending to pay it back in instalments. However, bank statements revealed irregularities, with payments described as "extremely odd" occurring over several months.

The Duke's introduction to Mr. Turk in 2019, facilitated by Tarek Kaituni, a convicted Libyan gun smuggler with ties to Colonel Gaddafi, adds another layer to this intricate saga. Allegedly meeting again at a dinner with potential investors at Mr. Turk’s home in December 2019, and pictured together at Frogmore House in Windsor Great Park two months later, the Duke received payments from Alphabet in December 2019, including one labeled “TK wed,” suggesting Kaituni's involvement.

In court, allegations emerged that invoices from Alphabet were a "sham" concealing Mr. Turk's theft from Mrs. Isbilen, transferring funds to the Duke. The motives behind these transactions remain unclear, prompting questions about the Duke's receipt of substantial sums and suspicions of a potential scheme between Mr. Turk and Mr. Kaituni. The intricate dance of financial dealings and alleged currying of favor adds layers of complexity to an already mystifying legal scenario."

"In a perplexing twist, Selman Turk found himself unable to explain the motive behind offering the Duchess of York an interest-free loan, describing it as an act 'out of the goodness of his heart.' Despite claiming to have met her up to 30 times by October 2019, an email from the Duchess introducing herself as 'Sarah, a friend of Tarek' cast doubt on their interactions, as it misspelled Tarek's name and suggested they had not met at all.

Princess Eugenie, receiving a £25,000 cash transfer, asserted that the sum was a gift from a 'longstanding family friend' aimed at assisting with the cost of a surprise party for her mother. It is speculated that this 'family friend' was Tarek Kaituni, who had attended Eugenie's wedding in October 2018 and had previously gifted Princess Beatrice an £18,000 gold and diamond necklace.

Crucially, both the Duke and the Duchess are not accused of any wrongdoing. A source close to the Duchess affirmed her complete unawareness of the allegations against Mr. Turk when entering into an agreement with him, expressing sympathy for Mrs. Isbilen and satisfaction that the matter had been amicably resolved. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are believed to be equally uninformed about their parents' dealings with Mr. Turk and have not knowingly corresponded with him.

Mr. Turk vigorously denies the accusation of dishonestly 'misappropriating' the money, contending that Mrs. Isbilen independently decided to give Prince Andrew the funds. The case unfolds with layers of complexity, leaving numerous questions unanswered and the enigma surrounding the financial dealings continuing as the proceedings carry on."

"As the legal proceedings surrounding the intricate financial dealings unfold, the case involving the Duke of York, Selman Turk, and Nebahat Evyap Isbilen remains shrouded in mystery and complexity. The inability of Mr. Turk to provide clear explanations for significant financial transactions, coupled with discrepancies in accounts and dubious email correspondence, adds layers of intrigue to an already convoluted narrative.

While the Duke, the Duchess, and their daughters remain unaccused of any wrongdoing, the case raises questions about the nature of financial arrangements, the motivations behind significant payments, and the relationships involved. The Duchess, in particular, was allegedly a recipient of an interest-free loan described as an act of goodwill, further contributing to the enigmatic nature of the transactions.

With denials, claims of amicable resolutions, and assertions of ignorance from the involved parties, the courtroom drama continues. The case serves as a reminder of the complexities that can arise when financial dealings intersect with personal relationships, leaving the true motivations and implications of the transactions subject to ongoing legal scrutiny. As the proceedings unfold, the enigma persists, leaving observers and participants alike awaiting further revelations in this intricate legal saga."


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