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Timeless Radiance: Unveiling Queen Camilla's Makeup Artist's Secrets to an Ageless Glowing Look

Timeless Radiance: Unveiling Queen Camilla's Makeup Artist's Secrets to an Ageless Glowing Look
Monday, 20 November 2023 11:13

In the realm of timeless elegance, Queen Camilla has long epitomized a classically conservative approach to her hair and makeup. Her enduring feathery bob and the mantra of "less is more" have become iconic, reflecting decades of unwavering loyalty to her chosen beauty experts. For an impressive 35 years, she has entrusted her tresses to Jo Hansford, and for the past 15 years, her radiant makeup has been crafted by the skilled hands of Marina Sandoval, a trusted nail and makeup artist.

Sandoval, a Colombian native, recently unveiled the secrets behind Queen Camilla's ageless glowing makeup in an exclusive interview with The Telegraph. While discreet about the specific products adorning the Queen's visage, Sandoval shared her philosophy of using a mix of renowned brands like Guerlain, Sisley, and Chanel, along with some natural British brands introduced by Her Majesty.

Delving into her expert advice, Sandoval emphasized the significance of skincare as the foundation for a luminous look. During the winter months and around Christmas, she advocates for the use of enriching face creams to combat dehydration caused by cold winds and indoor heating. Stressing the importance of preparation, she recommends massaging the cream into the skin for a radiant effect, especially before applying makeup for significant events.

Sandoval's tips extend to the eyes, urging the use of eye cream not only at night but also in the morning to diminish the visibility of wrinkles. She highlights the luxurious yet non-greasy Guerlain's Abeille Royale Eye Cream as a personal favorite for its compatibility with makeup.

As age becomes an ally of wisdom, Sandoval advises her clients, particularly those of a certain age, to opt for tinted moisturizers or the latest liquid skin tints. This choice, she believes, is more flattering for mature skin, steering clear of the potential drawbacks of foundation settling into lines or appearing cakey. The makeup artist also suggests experimenting with a blend of two colors to find the perfect shade, advocating for a slightly warmer tone to avoid an aging effect.

In the realm of cosmetics, Sandoval issues a chic decree against shimmer, deeming it unflattering. Instead, she recommends highlighter products that add a subtle glow to cheekbones without the frosty shimmer. The same principle applies to bronzer, with a preference for matte formulations for those over 50. In this domain, esteemed brands like Guerlain, Chanel, and Anastasia take center stage, offering products that align seamlessly with Sandoval's vision of timeless beauty.

In the pursuit of timeless beauty, Marina Sandoval, the seasoned makeup artist behind Queen Camilla's regal glow, shares some insider tips that transcend conventional wisdom. Advocating for a strategically lifted appearance, Sandoval recommends applying blush slightly higher than the norm—specifically on top of the cheekbones—to impart a subtle, face-lifting effect.

Dismissing the conventional rulebook, she advises against fixating on matching eyebrow pencil to hair color. Instead, she champions the quest for a flattering shade, cautioning against overly warm browns with a red undertone. In the realm of eye makeup, Sandoval's wisdom advocates for the use of waterproof mascara, offering a smudge-resistant alternative for a polished look. Emphasizing the importance of individual experimentation, she notes the trial-and-error process in finding the perfect mascara tailored to one's eye shape. Steering clear of false lash effects, Sandoval suggests opting for a lighter mascara for a more youthful and eye-opening result.

Addressing the subtleties of lip enhancement, particularly for thinning lips, Sandoval recommends a soft lip pencil close to one's natural lip color. This not only adds volume but also contributes to a refined appearance. Straying from glossy finishes, she insists on a satiny matte finish for its elegant allure—a preference reflected in her work with the Queen.

The beauty products that align with Sandoval's expert recommendations include the By Terry Hyaluronic Global Face Cream for a hydrating foundation, Guerlain Terracotta Matte Bronzer for a sophisticated bronzing touch, and the Hermes Plein Air Complexion Balm for a radiant complexion. Complementing these essentials are the Guerlain Abeille Royale Multi Wrinkle Minimiser Eye Cream, a luxurious eye care option, and the Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlighter, adding a touch of luminosity for the finishing flourish.

As Sandoval unveils these secrets to achieving an ageless and glowing look, her approach stands testament to the artistry that transcends trends, embodying the essence of enduring elegance.

In drawing the final strokes of Marina Sandoval's makeup artistry revelations, a tapestry of timeless beauty emerges—a narrative woven with wisdom that transcends conventional norms. Her unconventional tips, from strategically elevated blush to the liberated pursuit of eyebrow pencil shades, reflect an approach to beauty that values individuality and sophistication over rigid rules.

Sandoval's insistence on waterproof mascara and the avoidance of false lash effects underscores her commitment to a polished, smudge-resistant gaze that stands the test of time. The emphasis on trial and error in finding the perfect mascara acknowledges the unique canvas of each person's eyes, affirming that beauty is indeed a personal journey.

Addressing lip enhancement with subtlety, Sandoval's recommendation of a soft lip pencil near one's natural lip color not only adds volume but also contributes to an understated refinement. Her steadfast preference for a satiny matte lip finish over gloss speaks to an enduring elegance that transcends fleeting trends.

As Sandoval unveils her preferred beauty products, each item becomes a brushstroke in her masterpiece—a canvas brought to life with By Terry's Hyaluronic Global Face Cream, Guerlain's Terracotta Matte Bronzer, Hermes' Plein Air Complexion Balm, Guerlain's Abeille Royale Multi Wrinkle Minimiser Eye Cream, and Westman Atelier's Lit Up Highlighter. These products, carefully selected for their ability to complement and enhance natural beauty, align with Sandoval's vision of a radiant and ageless look.

In the world of Marina Sandoval's makeup artistry, the conclusion is not just the end of a text but the unveiling of a timeless aesthetic—an ode to beauty that transcends fleeting trends and embraces the enduring allure of individuality and grace.


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