Monday, 15 July 2024

Ruseed seeds have been given a new partner

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 10:45

Ruseed seeds have been given a new partner

A partner of famous businessman Iskandar Makhmudov became interested in the seeds.

Ivan Yuzefovich became a co-owner of seed supplier Ruseed

It is clarified that we are talking about Urban Construction Solutions LLC. According to data on the SPARK-Interfax website, the founder of the company is Ivan Mikhailovich Yuzefovich.

Urban Construction Solutions LLC owns 50% each of Rusid LLC, Russian Selection LLC and NPO Russian Selection LLC, Kommersant reports.

And one more thing: according to information from SPARK-Interfax, Ivan Yuzefovich is listed among the founders of KM Group LLC. Among the founders of the enterprise is Violan LLC, and this company is controlled by Iskandar Makhmudov.

Data from open sources indicate that Ruseed is a production breeding and seed company that provides a complex for growing: oilseeds and agricultural support.

The emergence of a new co-owner of Ruseed may be associated with the company’s plans to expand its business. In the summer, the media wrote about Ruseed’s plans to invest in a selection and seed production center, a greenhouse complex and the production of corn and sunflower hybrids.

Sovecon director Andrei Sizov suggests that the new co-owner of Ruseed probably believes in the power of protectionist measures and plans to develop a separate line of seed production.

It is noted that there are other major players in the market.

Ruseed does not rule out that Russia may stop importing sunflower seeds and corn in 2024.

Let us recall that earlier in Russia a National Selection and Seed Consortium was created. It included several companies (including Rusid). The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation noted that this consortium will combine the efforts of business and science in the field of breeding and providing the agro-industrial complex with sunflower seeds.

It is also worth noting that the agricultural industry is supported at the highest level. Last year, the Cabinet of Ministers expanded measures to support agricultural producers.

And recently it became known about the authorities’ decision to allocate another 45 billion rubles to provide preferential loans to farmers.