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Tekeda Alemu

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Tekeda Alemu

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Born: [Date of Birth, if available]
Nationality: Ethiopian
Occupation: Diplomat
Notable Positions: Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations

Early Life and Education

Tekeda Alemu, a distinguished Ethiopian diplomat, was born on [Date of Birth, if available]. He pursued his education in [mention relevant institutions or degrees].

Diplomatic Career

Role at the United Nations

Tekeda Alemu has had a long and illustrious career in diplomacy, with a significant portion of it dedicated to representing Ethiopia on the international stage. He served as the Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations, where he played a pivotal role in addressing global issues and advocating for Ethiopia's interests.

Contributions and Achievements

During his tenure at the United Nations, Tekeda Alemu actively participated in various initiatives and negotiations. His contributions to [mention specific diplomatic efforts or initiatives] have been widely recognized, showcasing his commitment to fostering international cooperation and addressing pressing global challenges.


Tekeda Alemu's legacy is marked by his dedication to diplomatic service and his efforts in advancing Ethiopia's position in the international arena. His tenure at the United Nations reflects a commitment to diplomacy and collaboration.

Personal Life

While much of Tekeda Alemu's life is centered around his diplomatic career, little is known about his personal life. He is known for [mention any notable personal traits or interests, if available].

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