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Julien Abraham

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    "A Negro Explorer at the North Pole" (1912): Matthew Henson co-authored this book with Bradley Robinson, providing a firsthand account of the 1909 expedition to the North Pole led by Robert E. Peary.

    "Matthew Henson: The Quest for the North Pole" by Kathleen Olmstead: This biography explores Henson's life and his role in Arctic exploration.

    "Dark Companion" by Bradley Robinson: Another biography that delves into Henson's life, shedding light on his accomplishments and challenges.

    National Geographic Documentary — "Arctic Son: Fulfilling the Dream": This documentary discusses Henson's achievements and the challenges faced during Arctic expeditions.

    "Glory & Honor" (1989): A film directed by Kevin Hooks in which Delroy Lindo portrays Matthew Henson alongside Henry Czerny as Robert E. Peary.

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