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Funny Cide

Wednesday, 20 December 2023 21:12

Funny Cide: The Charismatic Champion of the Turf


Funny Cide, a chestnut gelding born on April 20, 2000, emerged as a racing sensation, capturing the hearts of fans and etching his name into the annals of Thoroughbred horse racing history. This spirited gelding's journey from humble beginnings to the winner's circle is a story of triumph, tenacity, and the enduring spirit of an unlikely champion.

Early Years:

Bred in the small town of Saratoga Springs, New York, Funny Cide was foaled at WinStar Farm. His pedigree included impressive bloodlines, and from a young age, he displayed a spirited and playful demeanor, foreshadowing the charisma that would later define his racing career.

Racing Career:

Trained by Barclay Tagg and owned by the Sackatoga Stable partnership, Funny Cide burst onto the racing scene with unparalleled energy and determination. In 2003, he achieved a feat that captured the world's attention: winning the Kentucky Derby.

Known for his distinctive New York-bred charm, Funny Cide became the first gelding to win the Kentucky Derby since Clyde Van Dusen in 1929. His victory was not just a triumph in racing but a symbol of the underdog spirit, as his connections hailed from a group of high school friends who invested in the dream of a champion.

Following the Kentucky Derby, Funny Cide continued his remarkable run by clinching the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown, marking him as a serious contender for the elusive Triple Crown.

While he narrowly missed securing the Triple Crown with a third-place finish in the Belmont Stakes, Funny Cide's impact on racing was indelible. His captivating personality, tenacity on the track, and the camaraderie among his owners endeared him to fans around the world.


Funny Cide's legacy extends beyond his racing career. He showcased that champions could emerge from unexpected places, captivating fans with his spirited runs and charismatic presence. His story continues to inspire horse racing enthusiasts and serves as a reminder that greatness can arise from the unlikeliest of contenders.

Retirement and Beyond:

After retiring from racing, Funny Cide enjoyed a well-deserved retirement at the Kentucky Horse Park, where fans could visit and celebrate the legacy of this remarkable gelding. His impact on the racing world endures, and he remains a beloved figure in the hearts of those who followed his extraordinary journey.

Funny Cide, the chestnut gelding with a heart as big as his strides, transcended the racetrack to become a symbol of perseverance and triumph. His underdog story, highlighted by victories in prestigious races, solidified his place in the lore of Thoroughbred racing. The hoofprints of Funny Cide will forever echo in the history of the sport, reminding us that sometimes, the most extraordinary champions come from the most unexpected places.

It's important to note that Funny Cide is not a person; rather, he is a chestnut gelding, a Thoroughbred racehorse. Therefore, I will provide a conclusion in the context of the horse:

Funny Cide's legacy in the world of Thoroughbred racing transcends the boundaries of the racetrack. As a spirited and charismatic gelding, he captured the hearts of fans with his unexpected victories and underdog story. His triumph in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, coupled with his distinctive New York charm, solidified Funny Cide as a symbol of resilience and tenacity in the sport. Even in retirement, he continues to be a beloved figure, a testament to the enduring impact that an unlikely champion can have on the collective spirit of racing enthusiasts worldwide. Funny Cide's hoofprints leave an indelible mark on the history of horse racing, a legacy that resonates with those who appreciate the remarkable journeys of unexpected heroes.

Funny Cide, the Thoroughbred racehorse, has been mentioned and featured in various media outlets, books, and documentaries that highlight his remarkable racing career. Some notable references include:


      • "Funny Cide: New York's Horse" (2003): This documentary provides an in-depth look at Funny Cide's journey to becoming the first New York-bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby.


        • "Funny Cide" by Sally Jenkins: This book delves into the life and career of Funny Cide, chronicling his rise to prominence in the racing world and the unique story of his ownership group.

        Media Coverage:

          • Numerous articles and features in prominent sports and racing publications have covered Funny Cide's races, victories, and impact on the racing community.

While Funny Cide may not have been the subject of major motion pictures or mainstream fictional works, his real-life achievements and captivating story have been celebrated in documentaries and literary works that resonate with fans of Thoroughbred racing.


Funny Cide


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