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Cheerful Satire: Penny Mordaunt's Playful Take on SNP with a Mock 12 Days of Christmas

Cheerful Satire: Penny Mordaunt's Playful Take on SNP with a Mock 12 Days of Christmas
Thursday, 14 December 2023 19:59

Festive Satire in Parliament: Penny Mordaunt's Witty Jabs at SNP Unfold

In a spirited parliamentary session, Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt took a humorous swipe at the SNP's track record in Scotland, employing a mock rendition of the classic carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Mordaunt seized the opportunity to highlight recent controversies, notably the arrests of Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Murrell (Sturgeon's husband), and Colin Beattie, the SNP's former treasurer, linked to an ongoing investigation into the party's finances.

Drawing attention to reports of police inquiries into the purchase of a high-end electric Jaguar in 2019, allegedly acquired by Murrell, the former chief executive, Mordaunt playfully incorporated the festive critique into the song. The electric I-Pace SUV purchase is under scrutiny, adding a curious twist to the investigation.

Mordaunt further spotlighted The Telegraph's revelation that Michael Matheson, the SNP's Health Secretary, accrued an £11,000 roaming charges bill while on holiday, subsequently billed to the taxpayer. Responding to SNP's queries about "morality," Mordaunt presented a festive roundup of what she dubbed as "SNP morality.

To the tune of "five gold rings," Mordaunt humorously listed a series of grievances, including overspending on Edinburgh's tram, extravagant expenses for a heat pump installation, high-profile arrests, overseas trips, and the alleged dodgy Jaguar EV purchase. The satire, delivered with a festive flair, underlined the political banter surrounding recent controversies.

Closing with a jest, Mordaunt acknowledged SNP Commons leader Deidre Brock, thanking her for providing moments of levity during business questions. Mordaunt expressed hope for a brighter 2024 for the Scottish people, concluding a parliamentary exchange that blended wit, scrutiny, and the festive spirit. Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Murrell, and Colin Beattie were released without charge pending further investigation, with Sturgeon vehemently denying any wrongdoing. The SNP has maintained silence on the Jaguar matter, citing the ongoing police investigation.

In conclusion, Penny Mordaunt's festive and witty parliamentary jabs at the SNP provided a moment of lighthearted political banter, interweaving humor with serious undertones. Using the familiar melody of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," Mordaunt deftly highlighted recent controversies surrounding the arrests of key SNP figures and the peculiar details of an electric Jaguar purchase, all within the context of an ongoing financial investigation.

Mordaunt's playful critique extended to other issues, including extravagant expenses, high roaming charges, and a creative rendition of festive grievances. The exchange, laced with humor, illuminated the political discourse around morality and accountability.

Closing on a jesting note, Mordaunt thanked SNP Commons leader Deidre Brock for providing moments of amusement during business questions, expressing hope for a more positive trajectory for the Scottish people in 2024. As Nicola Sturgeon and others face continued investigation and denial of wrongdoing, and the SNP maintains silence on the Jaguar matter, the parliamentary session offered a blend of satire, scrutiny, and the festive spirit within the realms of political discourse.


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