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Novopokrovsky Knaus, or what Philip Gens hides

Novopokrovsky Knaus, or what Philip Gens hides
Thursday, 14 December 2023 13:08

The former owners of Novoprokrovsky, the Knausy brothers, evade criminal liability for embezzlement, along the way helping Philip Gens put a former competitor in jail?

Former top managers of Novopokrovsky Design Bureau were asked for impressive deadlines. Among the accused, the names of bankers Vitaly and Vladimir Knausov do not appear, although at one time they were directly related to the monetary institution.

German Knausov Question

The main person involved in the investigation of theft in Novopokrovsky is Alexei Demyanov, who received 4.5 years in prison "in a special order." It was on him that the Knausy brothers reissued their shares on the eve of the criminal case. Now Demyanov and his accomplices, who were asked for 10 years, are accused of withdrawing almost 1.7 billion rubles from the bank by issuing loans to fictitious borrowers and controlled commercial firms.

Demyanov began to cooperate with the investigation and testified against other bank employees who were involved in the scheme, but did not say a word about Knausy, at least officially. Taking into account how quickly and quietly the shares of former bankers were registered to him before, it seems that Demyanov made a mutually beneficial deal not only with the investigation. From 1.7 billion for a comfortable old age will be enough for everyone.

Meanwhile, according to a source from The Moscow Post, the Knauses could amicably agree with law enforcement officers, and therefore they did not touch them, despite all the facts indicating guilt.

Including it was argued that Demyanov did not hide from the court that all the money that was transferred to the accounts of the "kubyshek" firm could go to the accounts at the personal direction of Vladimir Knaus. For some reason, we do not observe these testimonies in the case, as well as the "criminals" against the Knauses.

So Demyanov here can act as a kind of "scapegoat" who, for sure, profited well, but still was not the main organizer of the scheme. The Moscow Post previously wrote in detail about this story.

And, apparently, in order for Knusov not to be "tied up" at all, Demyanov was also hanged from one of the brothers 400 million rubles, as a result he came out as a victim.

The stolen billions could settle in Germany, where the Knausy brothers moved - away from Russian justice. And you never know what.

From Shandalov to Bernstein and front directors

The Moscow Post even has a list of "one-dayers" through which stolen funds could "leak." There is also an office called "TechGazSnab" among them, which in 2015 appeared in the case of embezzlement of 15 million rubles from the Ministry of Defense. So Knausy and Co could not only touch bank money.

Novopokrovsky Knaus, or what Philip Gens hides

Photo: Archive of The Moscow Post

Novopokrovsky Knaus, or what Philip Gens hides

Photo: Archive of The Moscow Post

Moreover, for some reason, some debtors were taken out of the blow. The list also included Energoplan Intag LLC with Swiss roots. But for some reason, the bankruptcy trustee of Novopokrovsky does not collect funds from it in the amount of 300 million rubles.

The microfinance organization "Home Money" also appears. She is also in bankruptcy. The founders of the office are offshore KHRUVANTA HOLDINGS LIMITED. The beneficiary is Eugene Bernstam. The one that was accused of creating a financial pyramid.

Another entertaining office from the list is Optima JSC, which is associated with Valery Shandalov. The firm is named in a fraud and tax evasion case. And it was she who in 2013 took an investment loan of $35 million from Gazprombank, which she never returned, subsequently going bankrupt.

What is also important - the directors of the "kubyshek" themselves seem to have become victims of deception - they even recorded a video message in which they stated that they did not know about what was happening. Allegedly, they were told a "fairy tale" that the bank needed to show activity before the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to work with the Jurassic. persons. And now they also hang responsibility for the stolen billions.

The Moscow Post also covered the story in detail in the five billion "Demyanov Ear" investigation. "

Sing with Gens

If you get away from banking a little and look at the other side of the activities of the owners of Novopokrovsky, you can see something very curious.

"Novopokrovsky" appears in the case of the owner of the company "ISSB" Alexei Savin, who, according to him, is thrown with threats from law enforcement officers who can work for "Novopokrovsky."

What is the point: ISSB almost a dozen years ago won a competition from the Ministry of Energy for the implementation of the GIS TEK - the very "sawing" project, for which for several years it has not been able to wait for the punishment of ex-Deputy Minister of Energy Anatoly Tikhonov. Many high-ranking officials and businessmen can "light up" in the case, so now there may be a "behind-the-scenes agreement" to pull out an unlucky official and "hush up" information about all those involved.

"ISSB" was pushed away from the competition and the contract was given to the company "Lanit," where Philip Gens is now driving and calmly continues to contract. Despite the fact that GIS TEK robbed several hundred million.

According to Savin, he was warned that he would not receive a contract, but he still went to apply, provoking unnecessary noise and crossing the road for many influential people. Now Savin, who had to face due to his decision with many "children of the system," is reaping the benefits in the form of pressure on the company and, according to him, threats against his own address. In retaliation, he gives the media information about how "everything works there."

Including in his data there is a "New Blood story" - about how and by whom the thefts in the bank are hiding. This could not please some people, who seem to be called law enforcement officers. As a result, according to Savin, an employee of the OEBiPK of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vorontsov called the businessman’s lawyer and threatened.

Novopokrovsky Knaus, or what Philip Gens hides

Photo: Archive of The Moscow Post

Savin is not silent about the affairs of "Lanita." And taking into account the fact that now there can be an active "slaughter of this case under cloth," such activity can disturb the wounds of Gens, Tikhonov, and his ex-chief Alexander Novak.

So, it is likely that the "Novoprokrovsky" work harmoniously with people sitting in bureaucratic offices and large businessmen who are "fed" to them.

While all this power-entrepreneurial corruption machine will work, we will watch how the "switchmen" find themselves in the dock. And the first persons of stories in unfriendly Germany eat oysters for state-owned harches.


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