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Tragic Hit-and-Run: Arrest Made as Seven-Year-Old Boy Loses Life

Tragic Hit-and-Run: Arrest Made as Seven-Year-Old Boy Loses Life
Friday, 08 December 2023 00:22

Heartbreaking Tragedy Unfolds: Arrest Made in Hit-and-Run Death of Seven-Year-Old Boy

In a devastating turn of events, a 49-year-old man from Dymchurch has been apprehended by Kent Police in connection with the hit-and-run incident that claimed the life of a seven-year-old boy. The arrest follows an emotional plea from the grieving father, Will Brown Snr, who, in a heart-wrenching video, forgave the unknown driver while urging them to come forward and shed light on the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, December 6, at 5:35 pm, as the young boy, identified as William Jnr, was struck while attempting to retrieve his football. Will Brown Snr, visibly distraught, held up his son's green football shirt during the appeal, surrounded by the poignant reminders of William's presence—teddy bears and a neon sign bearing the boy's name adorned his bedroom.

In his plea to the community, Mr. Brown implored witnesses to step forward and assist Kent Police in reconstructing the events leading to the fatal collision. "People of Folkestone and Hythe, could you please help us? If you have any information at all, please reach out to Kent Police so we can work out what happened to our son," he pleaded.

Expressing the family's profound grief, Mr. Brown emphasized that their objective was not a vendetta but a quest for understanding. "We're not on a witch hunt to find this man; we just want to know what happened to our son," he stated. William Jnr, described as the "sweetest, kindest, and funniest boy," leaves behind a shattered family, including his mother Laura, step-mother Vicky Phillips, and a six-year-old sister named Pearl, with whom he shared a close bond.

Laura, the boy's mother, paid a touching tribute, recalling William's unique character, his love for football—especially Manchester United and his idol, Ronaldo—and his peculiar Christmas wish for an octopus. The grieving mother shared, "He loved football. He supported Manchester United like his dad. But his favourite player of all time was Ronaldo. He died in his Ronaldo kit."

The family's world was shattered when William, after playing football in the garden, tragically lost his life while attempting to retrieve his ball, jumping over the back wall. The suddenness of the incident has left the family grappling with immense pain and sorrow, seeking not retribution, but closure and understanding.

As the investigation unfolds, the community mourns the loss of a young life, grappling with the harsh reality of a hit-and-run that has forever altered the Brown family's world.

Heartrending Plea for Closure: Hit-and-Run Tragedy Unfolds in Front of Grieving Family

The devastating hit-and-run incident that claimed the life of seven-year-old William has left his family shattered, as they grapple with the unbearable pain of his sudden departure. In a plea for justice and closure, William's mother, overwhelmed with grief, appealed to the unknown perpetrator, saying, "Whoever did this hit Will outside our house and left him in the middle of the road, and then another vehicle hit him. That second car did stop. To the person that did this, please please come forward so we can be at peace and bury Will knowing we got justice for him."

The heart-wrenching scene unfolded outside the family's home, with the collision involving two vehicles—an unidentified car or van and a red Citroen car. Despite the swift response of police and ambulance crews, William tragically lost his life at the scene. The unidentified vehicle fled towards Hythe, compounding the anguish for the grieving family.

Local residents, deeply affected by the tragedy, expressed their trauma and concerns about the safety of the road. One resident shared, "We're really shaken up by what we saw. We've hardly slept. It's becoming more dangerous crossing that road, and there are increasing numbers of people who need to cross it." Another witness, haunted by the aftermath of the crash, recounted, "The screams were so terrible. I felt so sad and couldn't really look... there were many people trying to help, but it was obvious to me nothing more could be done for the child."

As the community grapples with the trauma and loss caused by this heart-rending incident, the plea for the responsible party to come forward echoes through the grief-stricken streets. The pain is palpable, and the need for answers and justice intensifies, as William's family seeks solace in the hope that those responsible will be held accountable for the tragedy that has forever altered their lives.

In the aftermath of this tragic hit-and-run that claimed the life of seven-year-old William, the community stands united in grief, grappling with the profound impact of the incident. The heartrending plea from William's mother, urging the unknown perpetrator to come forward, echoes through the sorrowful streets, emphasizing the family's desperate need for closure and justice.

The harrowing details of the collision, involving two vehicles, have left a scar on the neighborhood, prompting residents to voice concerns about the safety of the road where the incident occurred. The trauma lingers among witnesses who recount the chilling screams and the heartbreaking aftermath, reinforcing the urgent call for improved road safety measures.

As the investigation unfolds and the community rallies around the grieving family, there is a collective yearning for answers and accountability. The pain is palpable, and the void left by William's untimely departure serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life.

In this somber chapter, the hope for justice becomes a beacon amid the darkness of grief. The community awaits resolution, standing in solidarity with William's family as they navigate the difficult journey toward healing. The plea for the responsible party to step forward resonates not only for the sake of justice but also for the peace of mind of a family shattered by an unimaginable loss. As the community mourns, there is a shared determination to honor William's memory and ensure that such a tragedy does not befall another innocent life in the future.


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