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Beyond Expectations: The Unforeseen Connections of Running a Parkrun 5k While Blind

Beyond Expectations: The Unforeseen Connections of Running a Parkrun 5k While Blind
Tuesday, 21 November 2023 15:47

"Love Beyond the Finish Line: A Parkrun Connection for the Visually Impaired"

Kelly Barton and Mike Leatherbarrow's love story started with the rhythmic beats of a Parkrun in 2016, a tale that transcends the boundaries of sight. Speaking over Zoom from their home in Southport, Merseyside, the couple radiates a warmth that belies the challenges they've overcome. The spark between them was instantaneous, although Mike admits to initially concealing the depth of his feelings.

Their journey began when Kelly, almost completely blind at the age of 46, sought fitness and found herself at a Parkrun, a community 5km run. Introduced to guide runner Mike by her GP, Kelly's foray into running marked a transformative chapter. What makes Kelly's story remarkable is not just her exuberance and sporting prowess, but the fact that she had never regularly participated in sports before.

Mike, a 49-year-old IT salesman turned guide runner, underwent training that involved wearing sight-loss simulation glasses to understand the experience of running with a visually impaired person. His initial role was to vividly describe the surroundings to Kelly, fostering her navigation through the course. As their partnership evolved, so did Mike's ability to convey non-visual elements – the sounds, voices, and even the ambiance of the Parkrun.

Their collaboration expanded beyond running logistics; Mike's robust approach and attentiveness transformed their partnership into something more profound. From tackling overhanging bushes to navigating through the cheers of bystanders, Mike's role as a guide extended beyond the physical realm. The weekly Parkruns became a shared journey, and, over the miles, the running partners found themselves falling madly in love.

The heartwarming story of Kelly and Mike is a testament to the power of human connection and the unexpected places where love can blossom. Beyond the finish line of a Parkrun, they've proven that running together transcends physical barriers, creating a bond that goes far beyond the confines of a racecourse.

"Breaking Barriers, Building Bonds: The Extraordinary Running Journey of Kelly and Mike"

Beyond the cheers and challenges of two London Marathons, Kelly Barton and Mike Leatherbarrow have not only conquered distances but also shattered preconceptions about what individuals with visual impairments can achieve. Together, they've raised approximately £5,000 for charities supporting The Salvation Army and guide dogs.

For Kelly, running embodies a sense of liberation, a feeling of being "free" despite the constraints of her visual impairment. Born with underdeveloped eyes, she is completely blind in her right eye and has just 2 percent vision in her left. As an engagement manager for the Thomas Pocklington Trust, a charity supporting blind and partially sighted individuals, Kelly's journey into running was a transformative one.

Growing up, she faced a scarcity of sporting options tailored to her needs, leading to a sense of disillusionment. A stint at a CrossFit gym as an adult left her feeling sidelined for safety, fostering a disconnection from the world of sports. Statistically, partially sighted individuals are twice as likely to be inactive, underscoring the challenges that Kelly overcame.

Enter Parkrun and Mike Leatherbarrow, a guide runner whose patience and genuine connection sparked a journey that transcended physical boundaries. In the early days, Kelly held Mike's arm as they navigated the course together, a gesture that evolved into a baby-pink tether, symbolizing not only freedom of movement but also a touch of personal flair.

Their running partnership burgeoned into a deep bond of trust, forged during hours of shared stories and emotions on the road. Kelly, who initially doubted the feasibility of running without sight, found solace in the supportive and understanding presence of Mike. Their conversations during long runs became a space for tears, joy, and even anger, encapsulating the spectrum of human experience.

The remarkable tale of Kelly and Mike goes beyond mere athleticism; it's a testament to resilience, breaking down stereotypes, and proving that, with the right support and connection, individuals with visual impairments can thrive in the world of sports. As they continue to conquer new milestones together, their journey serves as an inspiration for all, showcasing the transformative power of determination, trust, and the unyielding spirit of human connection.

"Love Beyond Limits: Kelly and Mike's Unconventional Journey from Running Partners to Life Partners"

In the unlikeliest of places – the rhythmic expanse of a Parkrun at Southport's Hesketh Park – Kelly Barton and Mike Leatherbarrow found not only running partners but life partners. Their story, marked by resilience, unexpected connections, and shared miles, took an unconventional route that defied the norms of conventional romance.

Their initial bond, forged through the shared passion of running, evolved into a connection that transcended the ordinary. Mike, inspired by volunteering at the London 2012 Paralympics, became a guide runner in 2016, unaware that the Parkrun would lead him to a profound connection. Both having children from previous marriages, they never imagined that their futures would intertwine on the sweat-soaked paths of a local park.

For Kelly, the idea of finding love while navigating a 5km run seemed like a miracle. "I never dreamed I'd meet someone," she admits. Mike echoes her sentiment, acknowledging the surprise of discovering love in the midst of their weekly runs. What began as shared Parkruns expanded into weekend breakfasts and collaborative shopping for running gear.

However, the transition from running partners to romantic partners took time, unfolding over two-and-a-half years. Kelly, recognizing a turning point, candidly expressed her feelings, and Mike, thankfully, reciprocated. Far from being hindered by Kelly's blindness, Mike notes that it has instilled confidence and belief in himself.

Their activities extend beyond running; a bright-pink tandem bike accompanies their cycling adventures, and rock climbing involves tactile exploration guided by Mike's instructions. Kelly's visually impaired baseball team finds support in Mike, adding another layer to their shared experiences.

In day-to-day life, practical tasks take on a collaborative approach. Mike, understanding the nuances of Kelly's visual impairment, assumes the role of driver and elevates his cleaning game to ensure a safe environment. Their love story is a testament to the transformative power of connection, proving that life partners can be found in the most unexpected places and that love knows no bounds, whether on a marathon course or in the rhythm of daily tasks.

"In Sync On and Off the Track: Kelly and Mike's Unstoppable Partnership"

Kelly Barton and Mike Leatherbarrow, the dynamic duo bound by love and a shared passion for running, have seamlessly navigated life's journey with an inspiring blend of independence, humor, and an unbreakable bond.

While Kelly, largely self-sufficient, adeptly uses talking appliances to navigate her home, Mike proudly takes on crucial responsibilities—ensuring flawless makeup and coordinating color-coordinated outfits. Their daily routine reflects a harmonious partnership where each complements the other in ways that extend beyond the confines of running shoes and marathon routes.

Their synchronicity is most evident at Parkrun, where years of collaboration have honed their operation to a "slick" efficiency. Kelly, averaging an impressive 22-and-a-half minutes for the 5km route, attests to the transformative power of Parkrun in her life. Mike, a seasoned marathon runner having conquered all six major world marathons, completed the Tokyo event in a remarkable 3 hours and 17 minutes.

Their commitment to Parkrun is so profound that they scheduled their wedding on a Friday to ensure they could participate the next day. The supportive community that lined up for them post-wedding is a testament to the impact Parkrun has had on their lives.

Kelly, advocating for visually impaired individuals to embrace sports, encourages others to give it a try, even if it's just a walk. As they contemplate future challenges, Kelly expresses a desire to run another marathon, with hopes set on the Berlin Marathon.

However, when it comes to raising a family, laughter fills the air as Kelly emphatically dismisses the idea, citing age as a humorous deterrent. Mike joins in the laughter, reinforcing the lighthearted spirit that defines their relationship. On the track and off, Kelly and Mike prove that love, laughter, and a shared commitment to a life well-run create a partnership that defies limits and inspires all who encounter their extraordinary journey.

"In conclusion, Kelly Barton and Mike Leatherbarrow's remarkable journey transcends the boundaries of sight, echoing the sentiment that love knows no limits. Their partnership, forged through the rhythmic strides of Parkrun and solidified over marathons and life's daily routines, exemplifies the transformative power of connection, resilience, and shared passion. Beyond the finish lines and the colorful tandem of their daily lives, Kelly and Mike stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit that arises when love and dedication converge. As they continue to chase new milestones and inspire others, their story resonates as a beacon of unity, laughter, and the boundless possibilities that unfold when two hearts run in perfect harmony."


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