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Unmasking the Mavericks: Fiona Allen on the Untouchable Legacy of Comedians

Unmasking the Mavericks: Fiona Allen on the Untouchable Legacy of Comedians
Monday, 20 November 2023 13:32

"Fiona Allen's Weekend Unveiled: Comedy, Family Feasts, and Oldy-Worldy Lunches"

In our exclusive My Saturday column, we delve into the weekend rituals of well-known personalities. This week, we uncover the weekend virtues and vices of the multi-talented Fiona Allen.

For Fiona, the weekend kicks off with a leisurely lie-in, a luxury she embraces wholeheartedly. Fueling her mornings are two coffee pods, a necessary jolt for this self-proclaimed "textbook human" who requires regular feeding throughout the day. Her breakfast of choice involves granola and blueberries, dismissing any notion of intermittent fasting.

Clad in joggers, Fiona steps out for a refreshing walk with her cockapoo, Herbert, in the picturesque Berkshire surroundings she calls home. Immersed in nature, she revels in the sound of leaves crunching and trees swaying, deliberately shutting out the demands of day-to-day life by abstaining from phone calls and social media. Back at home, Fiona indulges in some relaxed pottering, accompanied by the soothing background hum of a TV cooking show.

With Saturday evenings reserved for her new stand-up comedy tour, "On The Run," Fiona keeps the daytime low-key. At an age when some might hesitate to venture into stand-up, she embraces the challenge fearlessly. A seasoned actress and voice artist, Fiona's evenings have become more available as her children have grown, prompting her to seek out new, enjoyable experiences.

Family dinner is a priority, and Fiona draws on her Spanish heritage to create dishes like paella, chorizo, and lentil stews with chunks of bread. Her specialty, a massive tortilla, disappears within minutes when served up to her three teenagers. While Fiona usually refrains from long lunches when working, she occasionally relishes the oldy-worldy atmosphere and Scotch eggs at the Hinds Head in Bray or the Butcher's Tap in Marlow, often sharing laughter-filled lunches with Smack the Pony co-stars Sally Phillips and Doon Mackichan.

Before gearing up for her evening gig, Fiona takes a moment to catch up on emails or engage in some writing on her laptop. Unconcerned about societal expectations around age, she approaches her work with confidence, embracing the joy of stand-up comedy well into her 50s. Fiona Allen's weekend encapsulates a delightful blend of comedy, family warmth, and cherished friendships, proving that the weekend is a canvas for both relaxation and creativity.

"Fiona Allen's Comedy Chronicles: On-the-Road Dance Parties, Changing Tides, and Unwinding Amidst TV Murders"

As Fiona Allen embarks on long car journeys to her gigs, she transforms her vehicle into a personal dance party, accompanied by the beats of Pete Tong. Adding a touch of local flavor, she stops for fish 'n' chips and engages in conversations with the locals, infusing her travels with a sense of community.

Arriving at the venue, Fiona immerses herself in the electric atmosphere of live comedy nights, reveling in the vibrant energy of the audience. Reflecting on the evolution of the industry, she expresses gratitude for not being subjected to cringe-worthy reactions to her jokes, citing a fortunate avoidance of both sexual harassment and challenges working while pregnant. Fiona acknowledges the strength of women in the industry who courageously speak out against inappropriate behavior, emphasizing that the comedy world, often deemed untouchable, is undergoing a necessary reckoning.

Unfazed by past industry norms, Fiona adopts a pragmatic stance: "Things have gone under the radar, but you know what? Tough. You did it. Deal with it." She maintains her autonomy, leaving gigs with a baseball cap on, ready for the quiet two-hour drive home.

Unlike some comedians who linger for post-show drinks, Fiona heads straight home, where she finds solace in the kitchen, hidden away from her children. To unwind, she watches TV and sips on chamomile tea, though the content's penchant for wall-to-wall murders hardly aligns with the traditional idea of relaxation. In this glimpse into Fiona Allen's post-gig routine, we witness a blend of the unconventional and the comforting, reflective of a comedian navigating the ever-evolving landscape of her craft.

In the final notes of Fiona Allen's comedic journey, we find a seasoned performer who has weathered the shifts in the industry with resilience and humor. Her on-the-road dance parties, local interactions, and unwinding rituals offer a glimpse into the unique tapestry of a comedian's life. Fiona's candid reflections on the changing dynamics within comedy, her fortunate escape from past industry stereotypes, and her acknowledgement of the strength in those who speak out, highlight the ongoing transformation within the comedy world.

With a nonchalant "Tough. You did it. Deal with it," Fiona embraces her autonomy, leaving behind the buzz of live comedy nights for the solitude of a two-hour drive home. Her choice to forgo post-show drinks and find solace in the kitchen amidst TV murders reveals a balance of the unconventional and the comforting—a true reflection of a comedian's reality.

As Fiona Allen navigates the highways of the comedy landscape, her journey serves as a testament to the resilience required in an ever-evolving industry. With each performance, she leaves behind not only laughter but also a trail of insights into the untold tales of a comedian's life, reminding us that behind the punchlines lies a nuanced and evolving narrative.


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