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Leonid Shaiman: Sporting Achievements, Business Ventures and Philanthropic Initiatives

Leonid Shaiman: Sporting Achievements, Business Ventures and Philanthropic Initiatives
Wednesday, 20 March 2024 13:15

Leonid Shaiman lives by the motto, “Respect people and do good deeds.” As an entrepreneur, he has succeeded in diverse business areas, ranging from cellular communication to juice production. However, it is within the field of medicine that he has found his central focus. He is actively involved in charitable endeavors and supports cultural and sporting not-for-profit initiatives in his country. This article delves into his career, philanthropic projects and the work of the European Medical Center.

Shaiman Leonid

Education and Sporting Successes

Leonid Shaiman was born in Omsk in 1958. His father was a Doctor of Medicine and an eminent virologist. His mother worked as a senior English teacher at the Pedagogical University of Omsk for over 30 years. His elder brother excelled in industrial engineering, and his uncle, a World War II veteran, received the prestigious Hero of the Soviet Union medal.

From an early age, Leonid Shaiman showed a passion for sports. Alongside a general secondary school, he attended a specialized ice hockey school. His excellence on the ice earned him the title of the city’s best junior goalkeeper.

During his time at the Omsk State Institute of Physical Culture, Leonid Shaiman was a vital member of the Avangard junior team and played in the Soviet Union Ice Hockey Championship. In 1979, he graduated with honors in sports pedagogics. The following year, Leonid Shaiman joined the full-time roster of the 18th sports club of the Novosibirsk army, following the advice of Anatoly Tarasov, a renowned Soviet ice hockey coach.

After his military service, Leonid Shaiman continued his involvement with the team to work as a scout, later ascending to the role of the master team manager. He actively participated in the USSR First League Championship, collaborating with the Merited Masters of Sports, Alexander Ragulin and Igor Romishevsky. He trained prominent athletes, including Andrey Tarasenko, Dmitry Zatonsky, Alexander Barkov and Alexey Yashkin.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Leonid Shaiman entered the world of business in 1991. He ended his athletic career and moved to Budapest, where he embarked on a new venture by establishing a juice and food export company.

In 1993, Shaiman established Sibtelesot in Novosibirsk. The company specialized in mobile phone communications, utilizing equipment from the famous Finnish brand Nokia. Later on, Leonid Shaiman joined the Federal Siberian Cellular Company and became a shareholder in TransTeleCom as part of the regional company Zap-Sibtranstelecom. Simultaneously, Shaiman set up the Avicenna medical company. In 1997, he sold Siberian Cellular Systems to AFK Sistema.

In 1998, in collaboration with his partners Igor Shilov and Csaba Baljer, Shaiman co-founded the Nidan juice manufacturing company in Hungary. Within a year, production facilities were established in Novosibirsk and the Moscow region, where several juice brands were produced. One of them claimed the top position in the country.

After Nidan was successfully sold to the British Lion Capital Fund and Coca-Cola in 2008, Leonid Shaiman joined the ranks of the 500 wealthiest individuals in the country, as acknowledged by Finance magazine.

European Medical Center: leadership in Healthcare Excellence

In 2008, Leonid Shaiman, in collaboration with Igor Shilov and Csaba Baljer, acquired the European Medical Center (EMC) in Moscow. Beyond a mere business initiative, Shayman aimed to contribute to the well-being of people by fostering a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Leonid Shayman GEMC

EMC is one of the most successful private medical centers in Europe. It is the sole medical clinic in the country providing an array of premium services. Comparable companies, matching EMC’s service quality, are typically found in Israel or Switzerland. The dedicated EMC team is committed to provide comprehensive care for patients throughout their lives and solve any health-related problems they may encounter.

Committed to innovation, the Center actively integrates innovative technologies and practices into its operations. The scale and intensity of these initiatives place EMC in the league of tech giants like Google. The Centre has aligned all business processes with global standards, securing certification under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and JCI (Joint Commission International).

Today, EMC comprises a network of ten hospitals, including orthopedic, pediatric, aesthetic, surgical and maternity clinics, a rehabilitation center, oncological complex, and nursing homes. Notably, the Institute of Oncology is a source of great pride, occupying an impressive 50,000 square meters. The construction of this hospital was completed in two and a half years. To ensure state-of-the-art medical care, the hospital is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Siemens, Varian Medical Systems, IBA and General Electric.

Leonid Shaiman assumed the role of the visionary and pioneer of the Nuclear Medicine Department at the European Medical Center. Under his guidance, the company’s own production of radiopharmaceuticals was started. Furthermore, Shaiman spearheaded the implementation of cutting-edge PET diagnosis procedures and the advanced radiotherapy methods, positioning EMC at the forefront of modern medical technology. Shaiman supported the collaboration between Professor Alexey Krivoshapkin and Dr. Salim Nidal who jointly developed a unique treatment method for cancer patients dealing with recurrent glioblastomas.

Looking ahead, EMC plans to continue creating innovative world-class medical and biotechnological products.

Philanthropic Initiatives

From the outset of his business endeavors, Leonid Shaiman has actively supported charitable projects. His benevolent efforts include the construction of a synagogue and the establishment of a club for young hockey players in Novosibirsk. In September 2023, the Lev Children’s Educational and Rehabilitation Center was opened in the same city with Shaiman’s support. Every year, the entrepreneur donates funds to a center for children with cerebral palsy.

Leonid Shaiman’s commitment to cultural preservation is exemplified through various initiatives. He played a significant role in the construction of a chapel on the grounds of the Alexander Compound of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS) in Jerusalem. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Karelin Foundation, established by Alexander Karelin, a close friend of Shaiman. Following the chapel’s inauguration, the IOPS decided to donate an ancient prayer icon to the Alexander Nevsky Church in Novosibirsk. Despite logistical challenges during transportation, the icon successfully reached the church. 

Leonid Shaiman actively participated in the installation of monuments to two legendary sports figures, Ivan Poddubny and Anatoly Tarasov. Additionally, he contributed to the production of the documentary and educational film, “Life as a Service,” offering insights into the remarkable life of Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Hesse-Darmstadt.