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Warning Signals: London Stock Market Faces Structural Breakdown, Broker Issues Caution

Warning Signals: London Stock Market Faces Structural Breakdown, Broker Issues Caution
Saturday, 02 December 2023 09:23

In a stark assessment, Simon French, chief economist at Panmure Gordon, a prominent City stockbroker, has sounded the alarm, declaring London's stock market as "structurally broken." French highlights a concerning trend where companies are trading at a significant discount compared to their overseas counterparts, marking a 20% discrepancy. He emphasizes a troubling self-reinforcing "doom loop" fueled by diminished investment in UK stocks, leading to substantial undervaluation.

Expressing his apprehension, French notes that the Autumn Statement's lack of attention to this issue signals a delayed resolution. While recognizing Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's recent reforms, known as the Edinburgh reforms, as an implicit acknowledgment, French contends that these measures fall short of the necessary overhaul. He asserts, "We have got ourselves into a funk, and you need some pretty dramatic reforms."

French elucidates on the entrenched underperformance of the UK market, attributing it to a self-fulfilling prophecy. The reluctance of pension fund managers to allocate more resources to underperforming markets creates a detrimental loop. This sentiment aligns with recent concerns raised by FTSE 100 chief executives in a letter to Chancellor Hunt, urging an end to the "vicious cycle" of Britain's stock market decline.

Regulatory challenges, including restrictions on pension funds' asset holdings, contribute to the predicament, according to French. Additionally, the surge in popularity of US technology stocks, such as Tesla, Amazon, and Google, diverts investors' attention away from UK equities, creating what he describes as a "perfect storm."

French's remarks coincide with broader warnings about the diminishing stature of Britain's small and medium-sized stock market, casting shadows on London's global financial hub reputation. Recent acquisitions, like US conglomerate Mars purchasing UK-listed Hotel Chocolat for £543m, exemplify a trend where international buyers capitalize on undervalued London stocks.

The looming threat is underscored by a recent report from investment bank Peel Hunt, which warns of a net outflow of companies from London's markets, surpassing new entrants. The concerns raised by French and others reflect the urgency for comprehensive reforms to rejuvenate confidence and restore London's stock market to its former glory.

In conclusion, Simon French's dire assessment of London's stock market as "structurally broken" paints a worrisome picture of a market caught in a self-reinforcing cycle of underperformance. The 20% valuation gap between UK companies and their international counterparts, coupled with a lack of attention to the issue in the Autumn Statement, suggests a delayed and uncertain path to resolution.

While Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Edinburgh reforms are acknowledged, they are deemed insufficient to address the deep-rooted challenges facing the market. French's call for "pretty dramatic reforms" underscores the severity of the situation, emphasizing the need to break free from the prevailing doom loop that has left UK equities significantly undervalued.

The concerns expressed by French echo a broader sentiment among FTSE 100 chief executives, emphasizing the urgency for corrective measures to halt the vicious cycle of market decline. Regulatory impediments, combined with the allure of foreign tech stocks, add complexity to the predicament, creating what French describes as a "perfect storm."

As London's small and medium-sized stock market faces a shrinking landscape and international acquisitions of undervalued assets become more prevalent, the warning signs for the city's global financial hub status are becoming increasingly evident. Peel Hunt's report on a net outflow of companies from London's markets further underscores the need for comprehensive reforms to reinvigorate investor confidence and restore the market's appeal. The challenges at hand demand not just acknowledgment but swift and strategic action to ensure London's stock market regains its competitiveness on the global stage.


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